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Royal Family LIVE: Queen flees England to escape Megxit row as Harry 'cancels' own invite

Prince Harry's memoir compared to resignation letter by expert

According to royal expert and commentator Duncan Larcombe, the Scotland retreat is where Her Majesty can "kick off the crown". According to the expert, Balmoral is an important place where Her Majesty can enjoy the outdoors and be with her family. Following the announcement of Prince Harry's memoirs and comments on the Firm, Mr Larcombe claimed any invitation to the prince has been "effectively cancelled". 

Mr Larcombe told OK! magazine: "Balmoral plays a key part in the Queen's sanity.

"It's where she can kick off the crown and be the mother, grandmother and great grandmother she is."

Mr Larcombe added: "If it hadn't been for Covid and all the drama that has happened with Harry and Meghan in recent months, they would have certainly been invited to Balmoral for a family catch up to see the Queen and let her reunite with their son Archie and meet Lilibet.

"But whilst none of the royals would publicly say it, through his actions and words Harry has effectively cancelled his own invitation."

As of yet, it has not been confirmed if Harry has received any invitation from the Queen or indeed, cancelled any possible trip back to the UK. 

Meghan Markle and Harry's attacks have been labelled as "worrying" for the Royal Family, as a royal expert claimed they have "gone rogue".

Harry spoke about feeling "trapped" as a royal, while Meghan claimed she did not receive help when she felt suicidal.

Harry went on to lambast his father Charles in further interviews, saying he wanted to "break the cycle" of royal parenting.

Royal Family Live: Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's attacks were labelled

Royal Family Live: Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's attacks were labelled (Image: GETTY)

Now royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams has shared his concern that the Duke could be “totally unpredictable” with his upcoming memoir and use it as “leverage” against the royals.

He told The Sun Online: “Its mere existence is a form of a lever to potentially use against the royal family in whatever is to come.

"This book has the potential to be dynamite. But the thing is, what do the Sussexes really want from the royal family next? What do they want them to do?

“They have gone rogue. It is a fact. It’s incredibly worrying because they are so totally unpredictable. Anything is possible.”


Prince Harry has criticised his royal relatives in recent interviews

Prince Harry has criticised his royal relatives in recent interviews (Image: GETTY)

Kate Middleton Ulster

Kate faces 'hellish' 2022 with looming 'crisis' that will 'dredge up' unwanted heartbreak. (Image: Getty)

12.15am: Queen had severe doubts over Kate's suitability for William: 'Grave concerns'

The Queen had "grave concerns" about Kate Middleton before her engagement to Prince William, according to a book.

Queen Elizabeth II has travelled to Balmoral for a break after becoming "incredibly tired"

in recent weeks, report claimed yesterday. A Sun source said: “She could not wait to get away. She is still grieving very deeply and wanted to head to Balmoral to escape from things. She is also incredibly tired.

“The announcement of Harry’s book, and the new claims that he could release four books, are the last thing she needed.

“It is only just over three months since Philip was buried, so the book announcement is incredibly insensitive and seems another two fingers to the monarchy."

11.10pm update: Kate faces 'hellish' 2022 with looming 'crisis' that will 'dredge up' unwanted heartbreak

Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge is about to face an agonising year ahead because of a "PR crisis" that will "dredge up" traumatic parts of her husband's childhood, a royal expert has claimed.

Royal expert Daniela Elser has claimed that the Duchess of Cambridge is about to have a stressful year because her husband Prince William's childhood will be "picked over" in the new season of The Crown that will represent the monarchy as "rigid, even callous".

Season five of The Crown, a Netflix original drama, will be aired in 2022 and cover the early 1990s up to Princess Diana's death in 1997 it will also show the disintegration of Charles and Diana's union. She added that the wife of Prince William "is facing down a hellish 2022". 

The royal expert said that this is because "the Cambridges are staring down the barrel of a very rocky 12-months that will have the entire Royal Family bracing themselves for another global PR crisis".

Ms Elser added that for the Duchess of Cambridge this unwanted attention "means having to watch her husband suffer through seeing some of the most traumatic parts of his childhood dredged up and picked over like carrion".

Jack Walters takes over from Bill McLoughlin.

10.37pm update: Prince Harry triggers 'sleepless nights' for Royal Family

Huge fear has sparked throughout the royal household following the announcement of Prince Harry's memoirs, a commentator has claimed.

Ahead of the publishing of Harry's memoirs in 2022, one royal commentator has revealed panic has struck Buckingham Palace over what the Duke of Sussex may reveal.

Speaking on the release of the book, Russell Myers the Daily Mirror's royal editor claimed any rumours of slight panic from the royal household are an understatement.

Speaking on ITV's Lorraine, he claimed the new book must've created "sleepness nights" for the Palace.

9.06pm update: Prince Harry trapped in 'nightmare' and is addicted to 'fame and fortune' - expert

Prince Harry is stuck in a nightmare and can't escape from competing with the Royal Family since his departure, a royal expert has claimed.

Following the announcement of Harry's upcoming memoir, one royal commentator has claimed the Duke of Sussex doesn't know how to step back from the spotlight.

Amid souring relations with the Firm, historian and royal commentator Tessa Dunlop admitted she had sympathy for the Duke.

Commenting further on the row with the Royal Family, Ms Dunlop claimed Harry is "crashing down this ugly cul-de-sac".

Harry and Meghan: Queen 'unlikely' to strip titles says expert

8.13pm update: Meghan and Harry's bombshell biography to get 'heartbreaking' update – new chapter added

Harry and Meghan bombshell biography Finding Freedom is due to be republished with an additional "heartbreaking" chapter.

The epilogue has been updated with a new chapter that publisher HarperCollins said will also reveal "Meghan's emotional healing journey from losing a child to the birth of their daughter".

The first edition, by authors Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand, was published last August and painted a flattering picture of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

it tracked their journey from meeting in 2016 to their departure from the Firm in early 2020.

7.08pm update: Sarah Ferguson speaks on 'not being worthy' for Kate and William's wedding - 'had to heal'

Sarah Ferguson has opened up on not being invited to Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William's wedding.

In a sit-down interview, Sarah, the Duchess of York also spoke of the media scrutiny she has received during her time in the Firm.

After not being invited to the wedding ceremony in 2011, Sarah revealed she travelled to Asia to recuperate and recover. Indeed, she used the trip to Thailand in order to try and heal.

Speaking to Town and Country magazine, Sarah said: "I didn’t think I was probably worthy to go to their wedding.

"I took myself to Thailand, actually, to be far away from it so that I could try and heal.”

Royal news

Royal residences across the country (Image: Express)

6.41pm update: Lady Kitty Spencer 'most beautiful bride!' - Family react to wedding

Lady Kitty Spencer tied the knot with billionaire beau Michael Lewis at weekend and her family have reacted to the wedding with emotional posts on social media.

Lady Kitty Spencer, 30, is a British aristocrat and model and niece of the late Princess Diana.

She married her billionaire partner Michael Lewis, 62, in a lavish ceremony in Rome at the weekend.

Kitty first became engaged in 2019 and the nuptials were reportedly postponed due to the pandemic.

However, the bride pulled out all the stops for a jaw-dropping wedding and wore a stunning white lace gown by Dolce and Gabbana.

The bride to be shared photos of herself in the dress on Instagram with a message thanking the designers.

Kitty's post read: "Thank you from the bottom of my heart Domenico & Stefano for creating a gown beyond my wildest dreams for the most important day of my life."

Royal news

Royal news: The Queen travels to Balmoral every year (Image: GETTY)

5.51pm update: Queen Elizabeth uses Balmoral to retain her sanity - expert 

According to Duncan Larcombe, the Queen uses the summer estate in Scotland as a key part in keeping her sanity. 

He told OK! magazine: "Balmoral plays a key part in the Queen's sanity. It's where she can kick off the crown and be the mother, grandmother and great grandmother she is.

"You see the Queen with her family in more formal settings but at Balmoral, it's about being outdoors and playing with the children.

"She also spends a lot of time there lost in her own thoughts."

He also claimed the announcement of Harry's memoirs combined with the pandemic will have effectively cancelled any summer invitation for the Sussexes to join her at Balmoral. 

He added: "If it hadn't been for Covid and all the drama that has happened with Harry and Meghan in recent months, they would have certainly been invited to Balmoral for a family catch up to see the Queen and let her reunite with their son Archie and meet Lilibet.

"But whilst none of the royals would publicly say it, through his actions and words Harry has effectively cancelled his own invitation."

4.51pm update: Prince William appearing more 'regal and attractive' as he weathers Megxit storms

Prince William appears more "attractive and regal" to royal fans each time Prince Harry speaks out to make claims about his family, according to royal expert Daniela Elser.

Ms Elser has argued that the more Harry speaks out, the more loyal fans flock to support William, who is second in line to the throne.

Writing in the New Zealand Herald, she said: "William used to be the boring brother, the serious, dull prince who seemed to have somehow lost any lingering youthful vestiges of charisma along with his once lustrous blonde locks. (Vale the pin-up Prince.)

"My, how the antique 18th century mahogany tables have turned."

Royal news

Royal news: Prince George factfile (Image: Express)

3.31pm update: Prince Harry sparking ‘huge fears’ within Royal Family and friends who 'kept mouth shut'

Prince Harry's memoir is causing "huge fears in the Royal household", royal editor Russell Myers claimed during an interview with Ranvir Singh.

During Monday’s Lorraine, ITV host Ranvir Singh spoke with political editor Russell Myers about the latest reports on Prince Harry and his memoir.

The Duke of Sussex’s memoir will be published by Penguin Random House in late 2022 and contain an “intimate and heartfelt” recollection of his life so far.

According to the latest reports, the Duke has allegedly signed a £29million four-book deal. Russell went on to tell Ranvir, it has been claimed one of the memoirs will be published after the Queen’s death.

Although, he added representatives at the Palace have denied these allegations.

Bill McLoughlin takes over from Rachel Russell. 

Royal family: Prince George in pictures

Royal family: Prince George in pictures (Image: Express)

2.24pm update: 'Not in same league!' Harry & Meghan will 'never have the attention' they had in The Firm

Speaking on Channel 5's latest royal documentary, Meghan at 40: The Climb To Power, which aired on Saturday July 24, the US-based royal journalist explained how despite the numerous ongoing commercial ventures Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have through lucrative deals with Spotify, Netflix and Apple - the pair will sadly never achieve the level of popularity they could have on Royal trips such as meeting heads of state.

In a brutal takedown, the journalist went on to point out how the California-based pair have in fact cut off their chance at more fame with their decision to leave the royal family, despite their efforts to promote their own Sussex brand.

Ms Pearson explained:“They have struck a number of deals - we know Netflix, they had a podcast, a deal with Spotify…

“Meghan has had a children’s book released, Harry has taken on a job in mental health at a big start-up in Silicon Valley."

1.06pm update: Meghan Markle and Harry’s daughter Lilibet finally added to line of succession on website

Despite Harry and Meghan stepping down from royal duties, their daughter Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor is still eighth in line to the throne.

However, the Royal Family’s website, which includes information to keep fans up to date with the House of Windsor, had still not updated the line of succession to reflect her birth on June 4..

Now the couple's biographer Omid Scobie has written on Twitter: "The the line of succession on the @RoyalFamily website has just been updated to include the Sussexes’ second child: Miss Lilibet Mountbatten-Windsor, who is eighth in line to the throne. She was born on June 4."

11.40am update: Prince Harry 'can't keep blaming his family' for the 'trouble' he's gotten into as a youth

Prince Harry needs to stop "blaming his upbring and his parents for everything" after his recent media appearances attacked Prince Charles' parenting skills. A royal expert said that although the Duke of Sussex "had it tough" as a child, he needed to take responsibility for his own actions and cease blaming the Royal Family for all the difficulties he has suffered. 

Jonathan Sacerdoti said, "Harry has spoken about his relationship with Prince Charles which was anything but easy growing up, and remember that Harry did have it tough growing up."

"His mother died in that car crash, killed by the car crash with the paparazzi chasing her through Paris, he had to walk after her coffin on that funeral cortege as a 12-year-old boy."

"He also got into plenty of trouble growing up and I think that Prince Charles has been blamed by him in some of his recent interviews for his bad parenting. Harry very specifically pointed that out.

"So the relationship isn’t great between the two but I think that Harry, like all grown men, can’t keep blaming his upbringing and his parents for everything."

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle now live in California with Archie and Lilibet

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle now live in California with Archie and Lilibet (Image: EXPRESS)

10.16am update: Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie call Harry ‘resident joker’ in Royal Family

A friend told the Mail on Sunday: "[Beatrice and Eugenie] believe Harry’s outspoken remarks may have been triggered because previously his voice and opinions were rarely heard within the Royal Family."

They added Harry was seen as the family’s "resident joker" and that "eyes would roll" when he tried to speak about serious issues.

9.06am update: Meghan brought in 'American style branding' to turn royal family into commercial business

Speaking on Channel 5's latest royal documentary, Meghan at 40: The Climb To Power, which aired on Saturday July 24, royal author Tom Quinn explained how Meghan Markle had an "unholy scrap" with the royal family over what royal name her and Prince Harry could use for their commercial interests as they attempted to massively capitalise on the royal name in the USA and have tried to construct a brand after their departure from the royal family. 

Royal expert explained how when the couple went to Canada “there seemed to be an unholy scrap” over what the Sussex’s wanted to be called.

Mr Quinn said: “They wanted to be Sussex Royal! Again this is an American culture thing coming in via Meghan.

“She, having crossed the Atlantic, began to think ‘we have got to be a brand’.

"That terrible word that the Royal family would always think 'they're talking about brands, its awful!’"

Prince Harry may cause a 'constitutional crisis' says expert

8.48am update: 'William will come out of it worst' Royal biographer on how Harry is making William pay

Royal Family biographer Ingrid Seward has warned that Prince Harry will try to make his brother Prince William pay in his tell-all memoir. Speaking to GB News, Ms Seward feared that William will "come out of it the worst of all". 

Ms Seward said: "William is the one who will come out of this the worst of all.

"There is the row between William and Harry, and basically if Harry says things that are inappropriate about the monarchy, that is William's future.

"It is not Harry's future, he is out of it now, but it is William's future.

"Of course, everyone forgets poor old Prince Charles, who has remained very very quiet about all of this."

8.22am update: Queen has 'more insulting' plan for Meghan and Harry instead of removing their titles

Since stepping down as senior royals, Meghan and Harry can no longer carry out royal engagements and also lost their military and royal patronages. They also can't use the word "royal" in their branding while they carve out a new brand for themselves in the US.

However, the couple still have their Duke and Duchess of Sussex titles, with Harry still keeping his Prince title too.

Despite this, they have sparked outrage among royal fans for still making money off the royal name by repeatedly bashing the monarchy in their recent interviews, prompting calls for the Queen to remove their remaining titles.

But royal expert Ingrid Seward believes her Majesty would rather "ignore them" than give them more "ammunition to criticise the monarchy".

She told "I don’t think removing the titles would make much difference and it would look very petty.

"I also don’t think it is something the Queen would want to do at this stage of her reign.

"It would be far more insulting just to ignore them.

"Even excluding them from the jubilee next year gives them ammunition to criticise the monarchy."

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