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Royal Family LIVE: Kate and William may 'strike back' as Harry and Meghan 'take control'

Kate and William had to 'step up duties' for Queen says Nicholl

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were recently honoured with the prestigious accolade of being named in Time magazine's illustrious list of the 100 most influential people in the world. Meghan and Harry said they were "humbled" to be featured in the publication as bold new images of the royal couple sent royal fans into a spin. But royal experts have suggested the new photos risk inflaming a "PR battle" between the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and their royal relations abroad as young members of the Firm jostle for prime position.

Commenting on the photos, royal commentator and author Duncan Larcombe sensationally claimed Kate and William were "concerned" as, unlike Harry and Meghan, they have "no control over the narrative."

He said: "Kate and William are in danger of being dragged into a transatlantic popularity contest.

"They will feel anxious over the cover and everything Harry and Meghan do as it always seems to reflect on them."

And now commentator Daniela Elser has suggested the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are staging a "strike back" with their charitable endeavours.

Royal Family LIVE: Follow for live updates about the Royal Family

Royal Family LIVE: Follow for live updates about the Royal Family (Image: Getty Images)

The Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William

The Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William are launching a "strike back" against Harry and Meghan (Image: Getty Images)

She said: "There is now something of a philanthropic land grab going on, with the royal house and the breakaway state of Sussex now both laying claim to similar ground."

She added: "Harry and Meghan face being forced into a protracted PR battle with the royal house."

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Prince Harry, William, Meghan and Kate

The senior royals all pictured together before Harry and Meghan stepped back from royal duties (Image: Getty Images)

It comes as the Duke of Sussex has taken part in a joint family venture to commemorate the life of his late grandfather, Prince Philip.

Harry and William will join other senior royals in paying tribute to the Duke of Edinburgh in a BBC film in what could be the first signs of the brothers' rift beginning to thaw.

Neither Meghan nor the Queen has taken part in the documentary, which will air on Wednesday at 9pm on BBC One.

The Duchess of Cambridge and other spouses of the Queen and Philip's grandchildren also will not appear.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

The couple were recently named in Time magazine's list of the 100 most influential people (Image: Getty)


7.24am update - Prince Andrew’s damage to Royal Family brand is ‘irreparable’ expert warns

The commentary comes as Prince Andrew is currently involved in a civil lawsuit, where he faces allegations made by Virginia Giuffre, formally known as Virginia Roberts.

Ms Giuffre claims that she was forced by Jeffrey Epstein to have sex with the Duke on three separate occasions between 2000 and 2002 while underage.

Prince Andrew has categorically denied all allegations.

Co-author of Royal Fever, Cele Otnes claims that regardless of if the Duke of York is found liable or not liable, the damage caused to the royal image is “irreparable”.

Prince Harry

The Duke of Sussex has taken part in a joint family venture to commemorate the life of Prince Philip (Image: Getty Images)

7.17am update - Prince William shares Prince Philip’s hilarious quip after unaware boy swore at him

Prince William has laid bare his grandfather's hilarious response after a child, unaware of his royal status, swore at the late Prince Philip.

During a new BBC programme celebrating the Duke of Edinburgh’s life, Prince William spoke about an unaware teen who was completing his Duke of Edinburgh Award and insulted Philip.

The Duke of Cambridge recalled the hilarious moment Philip was told to “jog on”.

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