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Row over "hideous" and "overbearing" fence in Raby Mere

A LARGE fence described as "hideous" and "overbearing" has angered a passionate local councillor.

Cherry Povall, who represents Clatterbridge on Wirral Council, was furious that a 2.4 metre fence had been constructed at Mill House on Blakeley Road in Raby Mere.

The height of the fence in Cllr Povall's ward was in violation of a resolution by the council which limited any fence at the property to 1.5 metres.

Cllr Povall, a Conservative member, said the hard boarded fence was a "hideous eyesore" and unsafe for drivers, obscuring their view of a blind bend.

The committee was considering a plan to tell the applicant to reduce the fence to 1.8 metres, not the original 1.5 metre height, and for the fence to be an open rail fence which would look more pleasing on the eye.

Cllr Povall said such a fence would be better, but the height of it was still a problem in her view. She also questioned whether the applicant would stick to the ruling having defied the previous one.

Labour's Steve Foulkes said the open rail fence was a much better proposal than the current fence and went on to vote in favour of permitting the 1.8 metre structure.

On Cllr Povall’s claim about road safety, highways officer Carl Amos said the growth of trees and shrubs near the property meant the fence did not cause any particular concern.

He added that the stretch of road also had a good safety history, with just two minor collisions in the last decade, both resulting from slippery conditions on the road surface.

Other Conservative councillors also had a problem with the fence.

Cllr Mary Jordan, who also represents Clatterbridge, said the fence may be fine in other parts of the borough, but in a narrow country lane in Raby Mere where adjoining houses have low boundaries it was not in keeping with the local area.

Cllr Jordan insisted it was "overbearing".

Fellow Conservative Kathy Hodson asked officers if the open rail structure could be enforced at a height of 1.5 metres rather than 1.8 metres, but this option was not on the table.

Ultimately, four Conservative councillors opposed the motion to permit a 1.8 metre fence, but five Labour councillors and one Liberal Democrat outnumbered them to approve it.

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