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Romesh Ranganathan reveals why he’ll NEVER try to copy Anne Robinson as he takes over The Weakest Link

ROMESH Ranganathan has revealed why he'll NEVER try to copy Anne Robinson as he takes over The Weakest Link.

Anne, 77, hosted the hit BBC quiz show from 2000 to 2012 and won a legion of fans with her harsh put downs and famous wink at the end of each episode.

Now, almost 10 years on, the show has been revived with Romesh at the helm, but the comedian has made it clear he has no intention of trying to copy his predecessor.

Speaking to The Sun and other media at a Q&A for the show, Romesh said: "Look, Anne was amazing at it, and she was a big reason why the show was so popular in the way that she did it.

"But I don't think any good can come from trying to emulate that or be like that.

"I think the way that we have talked about is for me to do it in my own way."

He continued: "The fact of the matter is, the format is bulletproof, the quiz is amazing so if you're into the quiz, you'll get The Weakest Link, you will 100 per cent get what you're after.

"But it's just me doing it in my own way, I think me trying to pretend to do it in a different way, well I was never going to do that.

"It's got a different flavour to it. Anne brought her own flavour to it and I'm bringing my own flavour to it and I hope people like it."

While he didn't want to copy Anne, Romesh, 43, did admit he could have accidentally winked like the former host at some point on the show.

He said: "The honest truth is, let's acknowledge the elephant in the room, I always look like I'm midway through a wink at all times anyway.

"I did think about it, that was one of the things...there were certain things that Anne did that were textbook her so I made sure I didn't do it, you want to do things in your own way.

"But listen, I just want to categorically state now. I don't remember exactly my every movement, it's possible that I did wink at one stage, I don't know for definite and if I did, I just want to apologise, it's purely accidental.

"If I'm going to get cancelled for something I don't want it to be for accidentally winking without announcing it!"

The Weakest Link begins later this month.

Anne Robinson chats to Vanessa Feltz during celebrity edition of the Weakest Link in 2006

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