Comedian Rob Beckett has opened up about his mental health struggles on The One Show.

The TV star told the show "The key thing is if you do feel down, just talk" on Monday night's show.

Viewers praised his honesty for opening up, with the comic adding his depression worsened before lockdown.

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He said: "I suffer with depression. I think it's good for men to open up more, especially working-class men where in the past it's been about being strong and tough."

He added he had "good days, bad days" previously" but said it "got really bad" just before the coronavirus lockdown.

He added that due to overworking he was left "burnout" and "couldn't really cope".

One viewer said: "Rob Beckett is just brilliant. Great advice about dealing with mental health issues and he never fails to make me laugh."

The funnyman, 35, also revealed in his new autobiography that he had felt that "it would be better if I was dead" as he struggled during 2020.

He admits that the thoughts arose while he was filming a TV show in South Africa, despite the trip "surpassing my wildest dreams".

The South Easter Londoner confessed previously he had been plagued with self-doubt about his career and feared that any potential lost earning would have a huge impact on his young family.

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