TOWN centre streets were closed after the corner of a building fell down in 2007

Emergency crews were called to the Age Concern building in King Street, Blackburn, after about a tonne of masonry and stone fell from the building at its corner with Mincing Lane.

No one was injured and the area surrounding the listed building, which dates back to 1741, was cordoned off.

Police closed King Street at its junction with Barton Street and Mincing Lane was also closed from St Peter’s Street.

Pauline Walsh, chief officer of Age Concern, said: “Totally unexpectedly, the corner of the building fell down.

“Fortunately no one was injured.”

She said no one had been in the building at the time.

Age Concern occupied the ground floor and the two upper floors were vacant.

Nick Isherwood, fire headquarters station manager, said it was lucky that no one had been walking past at the time as they could have been seriously injured.

Building inspectors were due at the scene to determine the cause of the incident.