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Rishi Sunak is right to wean Britain off furlough scheme before it bankrupts us

Wean us off

THE furlough scheme has to be scaled back. Rishi Sunak is right to try to wean us off it before it bankrupts us.

For all the other accusations levelled at the Government during the Covid crisis, few critics can fault the Chancellor’s efforts to keep us afloat. His bailouts have saved millions of jobs.

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They have been generous, perhaps to a fault.

But they were an emergency measure, not some long-term Corbynite fantasy.

We are surprised, though, that Mr Sunak has not made different rules for different sectors.

If pubs and restaurants are still prevented from fully reopening by autumn, why are their staff subject to the same furlough cuts as those whose firms have been revived?

That said, we are delighted he HAS heeded The Sun’s calls for a new grant for self-employed people.

That is only fair, given the handouts to employees.

These payments have given workers a fighting chance, but they cannot do more than that.

Mr Sunak often says he will not be able to save every job — and hundreds of thousands will still be lost.

The Chancellor’s next decision must be to resist siren calls for higher taxes to pay off the debt.

We need the opposite: A low-tax, post-Brexit economy which attracts investment and creates a tidal wave of new jobs for those thrown out of work.

Policing Beeb

THE executive hired to police political bias in the BBC’s social media output has his work cut out.

The problem being that the staff’s blanket liberal-left Remainer mindset is so ingrained, and the bubble in which they live so hermetically sealed, that they genuinely believe their debatable opinions to be incontrovertible fact, since everyone they know shares them.

Newsnight’s Emily Maitlis thought it beyond dispute that Dominic Cummings broke lockdown rules and that the country was aghast the Government couldn’t see it.

She seemed unaware this was still an open question.

Then ­Durham police all but cleared him.

Under its charter the publicly-funded BBC MUST be totally unbiased. The managers apparently grasp this better than the journalists.

Richard Sambrook should ban staff from even hinting at a political view, on screen or on social media — or urge them to find a job elsewhere which allows for it.

NHS fighters

WHEN Covid is over, let us never forget the heroic role BAME people played on the NHS frontline.

Anthony Joshua raises an important point about their dedication and the disproportionate number who have lost their lives.

And we’re delighted he’s backing our Who Cares Wins awards.

They too will celebrate the diversity which helps make the NHS what it is.

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