The BBC has become the centre of a race row after a comedy show guest said Rishi Sunak is ‘what Prince Charles would look like in brownface’.

Comedian Leila Navabi took a dig at a Chancellor during The Leak, on Radio Wales, claiming he does ‘not represent most brown people’.

She added: ‘In fact he doesn’t represent most people point blank, unless most people have a billion pounds and you’re all just hiding it from me.’

Ms Navabi, 21, mocked the newly released 50p coin commissioned by Sunak, reading ‘DIVERSITY BUILT BRITAIN’, marking the contribution of ethnic minorities.

The comedian dismissed it as ‘virtue signalling’ and a ‘vacuous grand gesture’. She added: ‘Rishi Sunak represents a lot of things for us as a society, not least what Prince Charles would look like in brownface.’



The Chancellor, born in Hampshire to Indian, Hindu parents, hit back at the comedian’s jibe.

He told the Sun: ‘It’s the kind of thing I expect to hear from trolls on Twitter, not the BBC.

‘The BBC should celebrate ­diversity, not sow division. I hope they think more carefully in future.’

A spokesman for the corporation said: ‘In this instance, we believe that the comedian, who was a guest on the programme, was suggesting that Prince Charles and the Chancellor have a passing resemblance.’

Sunak, 40, is one of the richest members of the cabinet, having made his fortune working as a banker for Goldman Sachs.

He has a £7 million home in London, a £1.5 million estate in Yorkshire and a holiday home in California, MailOnline reports.

In the past Sunak has spoken of the ‘considerable sacrifices’ made by his GP father and pharmacist mother to send him to Winchester College, where fees are currently £41,000 a year.

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