A farm worker feared to have been murdered four years ago has left detectives baffled after he appeared to post selfies on Facebook.

Ricardas Puisys was 35 when he went missing from a leek farm in Cambridgeshire on Sept 26, 2015.

His mysterious disappearance sparked a massive search and murder probe which saw one man get arrested and later released.

Despite multiple public appeals to find Ricardas, officers were unable to trace him and believed he may have been killed.

However, a Facebook page with the man’s name and photos have surfaced online – leading to enquires as to whether he is in fact alive and well.

Pictures on social media are believed to be of Lithuanian born Ricardas, although it is not yet clear where or when they were taken.

The account has 69 friends including members of his family, but despite efforts to contact him he has not replied.



Police are yet to establish if the person behind the account is Ricardas but are appealing for evidence that he may be alive.

Detective Chief Inspector Adam Gallop, from the Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire Major Crime Unit, said:  ‘For the past four years Ricardas’ disappearance has been a complete mystery.

‘My team have followed up a number of inquiries, however we still do not know what has happened to him.

‘This investigation initially began as a missing person inquiry, however very early on it was clear to us there were no signs of life and we were concerned Ricardas had been murdered.’

Mr Gallop said police had information that Ricardas had come to some harm after his disappearance, but there was not sufficient evidence to charge the suspect.

He added: ‘To this day we have not found his body, nor have we found any evidence telling us he is alive, that was until last summer.

‘A Facebook account has been set up in his name and photographs of who we believe to be Ricardas have been posted.

‘We have been trying to make contact with the person behind this account, but are yet to establish whether Ricardas is alive.

‘Our inquiries inform us the Facebook page is being accessed and managed from somewhere in Wisbech but we have not yet been able to pinpoint an exact location.’

Members of the public, specifically the Lithuanian community in Wisbech, are being urged to contact police if they have any information whatsoever about Ricardas’ whereabouts, ‘no matter how insignificant it may seem.’



DCI Gallop added: ‘Whether Ricardas is alive or not, someone knows what has happened to him.

‘Please do the right thing and come forward.’