Ricky Gervais has been with his partner for nearly four decades.

His long romance with Jane Fallon has seen them go from unknowns to hugely famous, with Ricky's fame skyrocketing in TV and film and Jane working as a bestselling author.

But their romance has been less than conventional, with the duo living relatively normal lives despite their huge wealth.

Ricky and Jane, both 60, met while they were both students at the University College London back in the eighties.

In the early days of their relationship, they lived in a flat in Kings Cross when the area was notorious for its street crime, prostitutes, pimps and drug dealers.

The couple met in the eighties when they were in university

In fact, the flat they lived in was located above a brothel.

Jane said on Loose Women last year: "We went through a good few years when we had absolutely no money, and I've talked about this before - the brothel we lived above in Kings Cross - I always knew I had a plan to build up a career and I think once you do that it does mean a lot more because you've worked for all of it.

"I had many Saturday jobs I worked in various shops... I was a chamber maid in various hotels.

"I loved that job! You were on your own and you were poking round in people's stuff, it was great."

Ricky and Jane in 2004 (


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Their fortunes have certainly changed this then, and Ricky is thought to be worth around £108million.

He has enjoyed huge success, starting with his series The Office, and his Netflix show After Life has proved to be hugely popular.

Jane is also a multi-millionaire and has released several bestselling books, including Getting Rid of Matthew, Got You Back and Foursome.

They now live in a £10.8million London mansion, which has a eight bedrooms, a pool and a summer house.

Ricky and Jane also have a £2.75million riverside house in Marlow, Buckinghamshire.

The couple in 2010 (



When she appeared on Loose Women, Jane said she doesn't think about their huge wealth.

She confessed: "I think apart from obviously I'm living in a beautiful house I kind of tend to ignore it by and large because it is a strange thing to think about.

"But as long as it is giving you pleasure and you make good use of it that is fine.

"But for some people I think that it almost becomes another prison that they put themselves in."

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Despite their long relationship, the duo have always said that they will never get married, with staunch atheist Ricky saying he doesn't need to tie the knot because of his beliefs.

Ricky previously told The Times: "We are married for all intents and purposes, everything's shared and actually our fake marriage has lasted longer than a real one.

"But there's no point in us having an actual ceremony before the eyes of God because there is no God."

He has also ruled out having children.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, he said: "One good reason I don’t want [kids] is that I don't think I'd sleep at night.

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"Before this interview, I had to check twice that I hadn't left the doors to the pool open because I was worried the cat would go through them and drown.

"So with a child, I'd just be stood over it, making sure it was still breathing."

And their relationship is still going from strength-to-strength, as Ricky said in 2019 he couldn't live without Jane and would be "devastated" if they weren't together.

Speaking on on the LIVE with Kelly and Ryan show, he admitted: "I would fall apart without her. I mean, emotionally first."