Renowned promoter Richard Schaeffer is convinced Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua will still get it on because, ‘In boxing, money talks and bull**** walks’.

Former Golden Boy CEO Schaeffer hopes to revolutionise the fight game for a second time with his new promotional company, Probellum.

And he and his fellow board members, led by UK-based entrepreneur Ali Shams Pour, are adamant they have the contacts and means to ensure politics and TV deals can be cut through to ensure fights such as Fury-Joshua and, previously, Floyd Maywetaher Junior-Manny Pacquaio, can take place when both fighters are in their primes.

Schaeffer said: “AJ-Fury comes back to the old boxing saying, ‘Money talks and BS walks’.

Richard Schaeffer, the former Golden Boy CEO, is behind new Probellum venture (


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“If the money is big enough they will find a way.

“Boxing has become a league system.

“In the US, you have the Top Rank league with all the fighters exclusive to ESPN, then with Al Hayman and the PBC league, where all the fighters are exclusive to Showtime and Fox.

“In the UK it’s similar, you have with Eddie Hearn the DAZN exclusivity and with Frank Warren the BT exclusivity, so it really is very difficult to get fights done and that has really hurt the sport.

“All these promoters only provide for their platforms and don’t cross-promote.

Fury puts down Deontay Wilder in round three of their trilogy fight in Las Vegas (


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“But we have to stop thinking about our own little sandbox, we have to think about the playground and the playground is boxing.

“All the promoters are worried about is their own little sandbox and, I have to admit, I used to be one of them.

“But at Probellum, we’re going to be open to sharing our fighters with the others and that has never happened before, so this is a total change in mentality.

Schaeffer added: “At Golden Boy, we used the same approach United Artists took when they revolutionised Hollywood by making some of the fighters partners in the business.

Anthony Joshua lost his heavyweight titles to Oleksandr Usyk but his fight with Tyson Fury could still happen, according to Schaeffer (


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“But we didn’t go far enough because we kept the fighters for ourselves and rarely shared them.

“With Probellum, we’re taking that United Artists model a step further.

“We don’t want our fighters to be network exclusive and because of that exclusivity certain fights can’t happen.

“That is the way forward in order to grow the sport and that old way of thinking — including mine — is a thing of the past.”

Probellum have already struck co-promotional deals deals with promoters on all five continents, including Wasserman Boxing in the UK.

And as well as their own professional stable, they plan to invest in amateur boxing and will launch their own global content platform similar to what is on offer in UFC.

Schaeffer said: “We have already struck deals in Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand and Spain, among others, as well as doing sponsorship deals with promoters in Africa.

“We want to better their shows and invest in local gyms in Africa and are in advanced discussions to build performance centres on all continents.

“It’s extremely challenging, it’s hard work but it’s exciting and why I’m so fired up to do it again.

“This is going to be Golden Boy 2.0, or 3.0 … maybe even 10.0.”