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Rich kids are now paying £450 to flaunt their lavish lifestyle on exclusive TICHIIN app which has 24-hour butlers

MOVE over Instagram - there’s a new app in town for Rich Kids to flaunt their lavish lifestyles on. 

TCHIIN is capitalising on the ‘rich kids’ trend on social media, giving the super elite a fresh platform to show off their yachts, holidays, super cars and designer gear - along with a few perks. 

As well as being able to showcase their incredible wealth, TCHIIN also has a 24-hour butler service, catering for members’ every whims at whatever hour.  

The concierge service charter private jets, secure tables at Michelin-starred restaurants, rent Lamborghini's and book five-star hotel suites.

But they can also be used to track down rare handbags, if that's what the member desires.

It costs £450 a month to be a member of TCHIIN, but the high price-tag hasn’t been a problem for the app’s super-wealthy 8,000 members, which include Chelsea star Tiemoue Bakayoko and former Barcelona footballer Dani Alves. 

The creators of TCHIIN screen applications carefully, and hand-pick the lucky few who are allowed to join the ‘club’ - and claim to have recently received an application from an ‘ex-Hollywood star’. 

The app, which launched last month, is designed to rival Instagram with non-members allowed to view posts and photos for free. 

TCHIIN was designed by Monaco-based businessman Lucien Ndabagera, 25,  along with Peter Kianicka, 37, and Filip Volarik, 20, who wanted to create an app for the super-rich. 

Lucien explained: “We had a burning desire to create something different - as we’re both from luxury backgrounds.

"We thought to ourselves why not bring concierge to social media. We saw a gap in the market and acted.

"Since our launch we have some of the most famous and affluent clientele in the world using our app.

“The vision was to have 10,000 premium members worldwide and have millions of ‘fans’ across the globe.

“TCHIIN is all about exclusivity. It’s a lifestyle.

"Only the few get to join the club."

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