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RHONJ star Jackie Goldschneider ‘devastated’ by cheating rumors and slams Teresa Giudice for ‘making an a** out of me’

JACKIE Goldschneider has aired her grievances of Teresa Giudice's cheating allegations against her husband and shared her "devastation" over the rumor.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star endured the cheating allegations while watching the episode debut with her husband, Evan.

Jackie, 44, explained her feelings on the matter, and how watching the scene made her feel like she was "made a total a**" on camera.

The reality star spoke to Kate Casey on the Reality Life with Kate Casey podcast recently, where she confessed the negative emotions associated with the season premiere of the Bravo show.

“I was giddy that night, which makes it even worse, because I feel like she made a total ass of me,” she reminisced.

“I was prancing around in that pink dress. He never lets me throw birthday parties, and this was the first time in a really long time – and it was the first time that I was really seeing the girls.

"I was so happy and in a good mood, and we were celebrating after a really dark year, I was in a really good mood. When I found out the next day I was for so many reasons devastated, but I just felt like I had been made a total ass of as well," she confessed.

Jackie and her husband viewed the shocking episode together, as the TV personality revealed her distress over the allegations.

“The irony is Evan goes to such a small gym around the corner from our house.

“It’s like the last place that he could conceal any bad behaviors. Watching it back, I was just revolted," she admitted.

Despite the rumored infidelity, Page Six revealed that Jackie claimed she and her husband are doing fine, though she felt extremely guilty over his name being thrown into a scandal.

“Well, it ended up being fine. I had a lot of guilty feelings because Evan’s not a cast member on this show,” she continued.

“So for his reputation to be at the center of the drama was very unfair for him. I feel like, ‘I’m on the show. It should be about me.’

"If it was about me, I could have handled it on my own, but it was about him. I felt like he had to be okay with everything for me to be okay with everything. It’s not my place to be okay with it on his behalf.”

During Wednesday night's episode, Teresa told friends that Evan was cheating on Jackie while at the gym.

Jackie later confronted Teresa over the allegations, which turned into a larger fight as the blonde accused her co-star's daughter Gia of doing cocaine at parties.

Though Teresa's lawyer divulged that Jackie later privately apologized to the family, tensions seem to still run high as the brunette took to Instagram to share a post about "drama" yesterday.

Along with a glamorous selfie, the mom wrote "7 rules of life. 1. Let it Go. 2. Ignore Them. 3. Give it Time. 4. Don’t Compare. 5. Stay Calm. 6. It’s on You. 7. Keep Smiling.

"Love, Love, Love you! See you Wed on @bravotv."

RHONJ's Teresa Giudice calls Jackie Goldshneider a 'b***h' for claiming her daughter Gia does cocaine on season premiere

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