'Taking the pi**,' 'shocking,' and 'complete hypocrisy'.

These were just some of the reactions of landlords and pub owners across Wales after seeing a clip of Downing Street staff joking about a Christmas party last year while London was in a tier 3 lockdown and pubs and restaurants in Wales were not allowed to sell alcohol and had to shut at 6pm.

Within days of the Downing Street gathering on December 18, described as involving cheese and wine and up to 40 people in press reports, Welsh restaurants were being forced to cancel their Christmas plans and give away food they'd brought in. Others had to tip away or donate alcohol they couldn't sell.

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Joe Rapson is the owner of La Pantera, Cardiff

Joe Rapson, 28, is the owner of trendy Taco restaurant and bar, La Pantera based in Cardiff city centre, and says a lot of people in the hospitality industry will be feeling very angry.

He said: "It was very angered to hear this news, but to be honest I'm more disappointed, one because they've done it, and two because they just don't seem to care.

"A year ago today we actually had to close La Pantera because of Covid rules which really put people's jobs at risk, and all the while they were off doing what they wanted.

"It gives the impression that it's one rule for them and one rule for everyone else, as we didn't get to have Christmas parties, and it just really seems like they're taking the pi**.

"You hear stories of people not being able to go and see their family because of Covid but they're acting as if nothing's wrong. As I said it's shocking if they did this, but it's also horrendous that they're caught laughing about it."

Matt Connolly of Sticky fingers in Cardiff was equally frustrated with the accusations of the Downing Street knees up, calling it complete hypocrisy.

He said: "It's just complete hypocrisy and double standards to hear that this happened last year, particularly when you see how people's jobs and livelihood's have been affected.

"Some of the bars and restaurants that closed never re-opened after Christmas last year and I think it will be very hard for people to take any further restrictions seriously when the people in charge clearly don't."

Alexander Taylor, owner of Pennyroyal cocktail bar in Cardiff

Senior Downing Street Staff can be heard laughing and making references to “cheese and wine” while Boris Johnson’s then spokesperson Allegra Stratton remarked that "it was not socially distanced" in the video leaked to ITV News and revealed on Tuesday.

The footage has sparked public outrage today, with many calling for an inquiry and even for prime minister Boris Johnson to resign.

However, Alex Taylor of the Pennyroyal pub in Cardiff, said they didn't care about anyone but themselves.

"Is anyone actually surprised by this because to be honest I'm not," Alex said.

"I'm not at all shocked and I've sort of looked at this and said to myself, 'well of course they did,' because they just don't really care about anyone other than themselves. It's a bit frustrating as last December was horrendous for us and that third lockdown in Wales was pretty brutal.

"We've done every single thing they've asked us to do when it comes to hospitality, such as sanitising tables in between uses, not using multi use menu's, and even undergoing spot checks, but at the same time the government aren't following the rules themselves.

"It's bad and I really doubt they are going to get as much compliance from people if they try to put more restrictions on us again now."

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