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Residents of Welsh estate fighting RAT invasion as trash mountains dumped by fly-tippers attract swarm of rodents

RESIDENTS living on an estate in Wales are fighting a rat invasion - after mountains of trash dumped by fly-tippers attracted a huge swarm of the rodents.

Locals in Newport say numbers of the whopping creatures surged when the council stopped cutting the grass for 'no-mow May'.

But the rats first arrived as piles of rubbish built up beside communal bins.

And neighbours have now started sharing pictures of the rats in a desperate bid to get the local authority's attention.

Mike Enea, who has campaigned to cut litter at the estate, told WalesOnline “serious questions must be asked” after the council stopped maintaining the verges.

The initiative was launched in a bid to help bees, butterflies and wildlife flourish.

“This is in the middle of an estate outside people’s homes. It’s irresponsible," Mr Enea said.

"It’s caused the estate to become a breeding ground for rats. It’s disgusting.”

And he said rodents are now creeping into local properties.

“We now have a situation where these rats are quite often getting into people’s homes,” he added.

Residents also claim Newport City Homes, which looks after the estate, removed many of the bins - leading to problems with fly-tipping.

The company admitted there's a "challenge" with people dumping rubbish - but argued recycling bins have "doubled" in recent months.

And a spokesperson for Newport City Council said: “Our regular mowing schedule began again this month.

"It is not believed that leaving the grass uncut would have led to rats moving into an area.

"It is more likely that they were already there and the hot weather has encouraged them into the open.”

Pest controllers say they've found huge rats a foot-and-a-half long - with issues worsening during lockdown.

And one rat catcher - who shared footage of a whopping rat with yellow teeth bared - said our takeaway habit is to blame.

People are really surprised when they see how big a rat can get

Pest controller

Chris, of We Care Pest Control Hull, said: "When you think about it, everyone's been eating at home.

"Lots of people are getting takeaways and the bins are being overfilled.

"Rats chew through the binbags and get through under the decking."

He said the giant rat he filmed - which measured more than 1.3 feet from nose to tail - isn't an unusual size.

"People are really surprised when they see how big a rat can get," he said.

Meanwhile, swathes of Australia have been hit by plagues of mice.

The rodents gnawed on one woman's eyeball - and bit a wife's wedding ring as she slept.

The nightmare outbreaks stretch 1,000km from Brisbane to Melbourne and have been wreaking havoc for farming communities for nearly a year.

Shocking moment RAT runs out from behind bin and into Glasgow Greggs

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