Albion Rovers boss Brian Reid says his side was left at a disadvantage by drama at Cliftonhill that saw referee Stewart Luke withdraw through injury at half-time as they beat Edinburgh City 2-0 in League Two.

Rovers were already 2-0 in their league opener against one of the title favourites, through a Declan Byrne penalty and a strike by Kyle Doherty, when it became clear that Luke couldn't continue.

An assistant took over the whistle, leaving one linesman running the line.

Injured Max Wright emerged with the flag for the second half, much to the anger of City boss Gary Naysmith, and after a 25-minute delay, the game continued with just one linesman.

Reid said: "I thought we really played well in the first half, circumstances changed in the second half with not having a linesman on our side, which gave us a disadvantage, and not enough has been said about that, but I'm delighted with a good home win and a clean sheet.

"I've been involved in the game when there's only been a referee and no linesman, but I've never had it that somebody couldn't be at the side.

Referee Stewart Luke was unable to continue at half-time
Referee Stewart Luke was unable to continue at half-time

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"It actually was to our disadvantage and that helped Edinburgh in the second half.

"I don't know whether they should have tossed a coin to see what team had the linesman and which one didn't.

"If you've ever played football and you're a defender, you know that you're reluctant to play a high line, because there's no linesman to give you offside, so you go deeper and deeper into your own half.

"That doesn't allow us to get against them and get on the front foot, so it played into their hands a wee bit and that's now they came into the game in the second half a wee bit.

"But it never affected the game, we were just glad to see the game out and get the result. It was a good day for us.

"We're pleased, Edinburgh are one of the fancied teams - they have a decent budget, decent squad, decent manager - so it's good to get off to a winning start."

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