Liverpool band Red Rum Club took over Mountford Hall with an incredible set that united a gyrating crowd in its unadulterated joy.

The popular local band is currently on their much anticipated UK tour, hot on the heels of their second album The Hollow of Humdrum and newest single, Drown.

Tonight, they came home.

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Red Rum Club is made up of vocalist Fran Doran, Tom Williams on lead guitar, Michael McDermott on rhythm guitar, Simon Hepworth on bass, Neil Lawson on drums and their famed trumpet player, Joe Corby.

The group is often hailed as one of the city's most exciting new bands, with 3,000 tickets sold for last year’s homecoming shows, and after tonight's performance at Mountford Hall, it's easy to see why.

The band opened with hit Nightcalling, before descending into an intoxicating medley of feel-good tracks.

A few songs in, lead singer Fran Doran told the crowd: “We’ve all waited too long for this night. Let’s make it worthwhile.”

The huge crowd erupted into cheers.

Seeing crowds of people dancing, unafraid to celebrate with one another after more than 12 months of restrictions and cancelled events, was exciting and moving all at once. It made the last 18 months feel like a warped dream

Before popular track Honey, Fran told the crowd: “Liverpool, we cannot thank you enough for coming out tonight. This very room was the first gig I ever came to - and some of the lads too - and I remember watching and thinking, ‘I want that’. So this is a dream come true.”

The band’s pride and joy at playing on home turf was infectious.

There wasn’t a wasted moment, with every second devoted to good music in a great city.

Before the encore, the crowd sang Would You Rather Be Lonely? a cappella, cheering and shrieking when the six musicians came back to the stage.

The encore consisted of Drown, the band's newest single; an infectious, upbeat track that summons nostalgic, carefree days.

And isn’t that we’re all craving after recent events?

The gig finished with Kids Addicted and the epic, much-loved Would You Rather Be Lonely?, sending the crowd into a frenzy of excitement.

There was an electric atmosphere in the packed space, with people singing along and embracing every second of a night reminiscent of times before March 2020.

The local band were determined to ensure the crowd had an epic night - and that’s exactly what happened.

Red Rum Club’s third album How to Steal the World will be released next month.

Five stars!

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