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Real Madrid fans worried over Isco weight after being spotted in training look out-of-shape after Hazard troubles

REAL Madrid fans have been left worried and bemused after pictures emerged of Isco in training looking out of shape.

The star was left out of the weekend's 3-1 El Clasico win after limited action this season.

And the images, which has stunned some Real Madrid fans, perhaps goes some way to explaining why.

Supporters were left questioning his physical state, with the 28-year-old looking podgy and scruffy in training pics.

The Spaniard appeared a long way from the fit athlete he was a few years ago, when he was regarded as one of the best midfielders in the world.

Isco has been limited to only 148 minutes of on-field action this season and fans are concerned they may not see much more of him in the near future.

His manager, Zinedine Zidane, when asked about the midfielder after Madrid lost to Cadiz last week, mostly sidestepped the question.

He said: "We are all in the same boat and criticism makes us stronger. We know we are Madrid and there is criticism after a game like the one the other day.

"We can only get back to work. The good thing is that there is a game every three days. We deserved the criticism the other day, and me before anyone – not just the players, they fight.

"We want to change the dynamics. I have no doubts about anything.

"The other day was a bad day, we want to change things, Isco more than anyone, I have no doubts."

Isco was substituted at half time during that game and did not appear in the victory against Barcelona or in the shock defeat against Shakhtar in the Champions League.

Social media users were quick to jump on Isco's new look.

One posted that they suspected Isco was eating McDonald's for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Another said they still believed in him but he 'gotta turn it around.'

The Real Madrid man's transformation is similar to Eden Hazard's infamous weight gain.

Following his move from Chelsea, some fans blasted him piling on a couple of pounds during the summer.

Football star Isco shows off his skills at the Real Madrid training ground

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