Married at First Sight UK has had us glued to our TV screens to see which couples will survive the social experiment and live happily ever after.

The show sees complete strangers meet for the first time on their wedding day, say ‘I do’ and enjoy a lavish wedding and honeymoon before experiencing living together.

Although the marriages are not legally binding, the couples still experience what married life would be like together - for better, for worse.

But of course, if the couples do choose to stay together, there will be some huge lifestyle changes for some of them, including moving across the country, becoming step parents, or even becoming dog owners.


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Our sister site, TeamDogs, has taken a look at which of this season's contestants could take on dogs, if they decide they have fallen in love.

Megan and her partner, business protection specialist, Bob, both left the experiment on September 21 after things didn't work out - but neither of the couple appear to have a pup.

Neither Cardiff-born Jordan, his former match 28-year-old Alexis looked to have canine companions either.

Jordan and Alexis left the show in a double exit bombshell alongside Ant and Nikita, after Nikita was kicked off the show following ‘unacceptable behaviour’ towards cast and crew.

But after hitting it off at the dinner party, Alexis and Ant returned to the show as a new couple

On Tuesdays show, they left the experiment with Megan and Bob, but even still, there wouldn’t have been the pitter-patter of paws back home if they'd stuck it out.

Five of the eight couples would end up sharing a dog, should they choose to stay together at the end of the experiment, as the show is set to come to a dramatic end on Monday, October 4.

Here are the couples that might end up being pet parents at the end of Married at First Sight UK.

Daniel and Matt

Making history as the shows first same-sex couple, Daniel - a 27-year-old sales representative - has been married up with Matt, 39, a charity worker from Yorkshire.

Daniel Mckee owns a gorgeous cockapoo called Darci, who could find herself with an extra paw-rent at the end of the show.

Fans feared the worst for the couple when they didn't turn up to the first dinner party, but they were simply stuck in Mexico on their honeymoon.

Dan has often called the curly-haired pup his ‘Mrs’, and poses for many a selfie with the dog, who lives with him in Northern Ireland.

Morag and Luke

Although the couple may have disagreed over wanting children on their wedding day, they at least have their love of dogs in common.

Thirty-one-year-old Morag, who works as a veterinary nurse, owns a little chihuahua who she says comes ‘as a package deal’.

She appears to love the little pup more than she does new husband Luke, and she recently got a portrait of the dog tattooed.

Morag has been wed to 36-year-old Cardiff care manager, Luke, who also has a small dog of his own.

Posting a photo with little Alfie beside a lake, Luke said: “A very happy national dogs day to this little hero #Alfie. He's not just a dog to me, he's so much more!”

Amy and Josh

One-year-old sausage dog, Didier, will need to be won over by 26-year-old Josh, who has married sports journalist Amy.

Amy’s chocolate tan dachshund is following in the footsteps of his influencer mum with his own Instagram account, where he’s got 258 followers.

The writer and content creator uses Didier’s account to share dozens of pics of the puppy having cuddles and playing with his toys - including his football, of course.

Marilyse and Franky

Fitness coach Franky, 47, was paired with Marilyse who lives in Yorkshire.

The 36-year-old personal trainer has two sons and three dogs back in East Yorkshire.

Posing with a pomeranian on Instagram, she said: “I don’t care if I love dogs more than people. I was born like it.”

The PT also has a British bulldog and a spaniel, who she often shares photos of on her profile.

Tayah and Adam

Estate agent Tayah, 25, could find herself being the co-owner of electrician Adam’s two spaniels.

The 26-year-old regularly shares snaps with his dogs, telling his followers how much he misses them.

In one post, he shared the caption: “Morning dip in the North Sea with my Pops and my dogs!”

But will he and Tayah go the distance and see the experiment through to the end?

The couple were the first to drop the L bomb and appear to have been the most smitten duo of the season so far.

You can watch Married at First Sight UK on E4 at 9pm Monday to Thursday.

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