Former Real Housewives Of Cheshire star Nermina Pieters-Mekic has spoken out about her dramatic post-labour scare after giving birth to her first child.

Nermina welcomed baby girl Alaya-Rose 10 days before her due date at Wythenshawe Hospital.

Alaya-Rose's arrival was a serene experience, using hypnobirthing skills she had learned from classes she attended with her footballer husband Erik Pieters, and Nermina gave birth using only gas and air.


But the Bosnian-Dutch singer and horse rider ended up suffering from post-labour complications which resulted in her being rushed into theatre.

Nermina, 31, who lives in Wilmslow, suffered internal bleeding and needed a blood transfusion and stitches.

The star spent four days in hospital after the ordeal before she could could home with her newborn.

She told us: "I went to hospital at 5.30am and by 10.10am I had the baby.

"The birth was perfect but I had internal bleeding and I was rushed into emergency theatre.

Erik and Nermina with their baby girl

"I needed stitches and a blood transfusion.

"The pain was ridiculous and I was losing a lot of blood after the whole labour was fine."

Nermina gave birth on March 28 with her husband of five years by her side.

"He was the biggest help," she praised.

Nermina would like a brother or sister for their daughter one day

"He practised hypnobirthing techniques with me and the only voice I could hear was Erik's.

"I felt so safe. I wouldn't have been able to do it without him.

"He's amazing."

Nermina says her stay in hospital was a positive experience as a new mum.

"I had all the midwives around me and they showed me how to wash the baby, I could ask questions about breastfeeding and about changing nappies when normally you would be home the same day," she said.

Nermina had considered having a home birth but is glad she changed her mind.

"The hospital is 15 minutes from our house and I thought 'why would I risk anything with a birth at home?'"

Nermina, who suffered all-day sickness for five weeks after the sixth week of her pregnancy, admits the first six weeks weren't easy as she got to gots to grips with motherhood.

She said: "We had nights where she was crying for four hours in a row and we were like 'what do you do?'

"Those first six weeks were scary because they are so small.

"She had reflux in the beginning but that's very normal."

Nermina, who is breastfeeding her daughter, says Alaya-Rose has now settled into a routine.

"She's brought so much joy and a whole different meaning to life, she said about motherhood.

"She sleeps from 10pm or 11pm until 6am or 7am and breastfeeding is amazing when you do have that option.

"The first two months were hard but right now she sleeps really well."

She added: "I can't imagine life now before she even existed.

"Before I had I became a mum I thought once I had a baby I would crack on with work.

"But motherhood has changed me. I want to give her all my time."

Nermina were excited to be expecting the baby she and Erik longed for after going through a tough time.

Sadly Nermina discovered she’d sadly miscarried during the early stages of pregnancy in November 2019.

And Nermina says it warms her heart to see Burnley FC footballer Erik doting on their 'little superstar.'

"He's such a good dad," she said.

"He always wanted kids and she's his little angel.

"The first thing he does is say 'hi' to me and he'll give her a big kiss.

"Two weeks ago I left them to go to the horses and they didn't miss me for one second."

The couple's four dogs Luca, a German Shepherd cross, Archie, a retriever, Simba, a Boxer, and Blue, a Maltese, also adore Alaya-Rose.

"I'm amazed by how gentle and caring they are with her," said Nermina.

"They are really kind with her have an instinct to protect."

She and Dutch defender Erik, 32, are now keen to add to their family.

"Definitely. I would love for her to have a brother or a sister.

"We don't have family here so that would be so nice in future.

"For now I'm just going to enjoy my time with her and when it happens is happens.

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"She's such an easy, happy baby. She's never given me the stress of 'how am I going to do this again?'"

Nermina, who became a Real Housewife in 2017 and was one of the main stars in series six and seven of the ITVBe reality show, is now slowly working towards getting back into a fitness routine after being told to take three months to recover from the surgery.

"I was always in the gym and working out," she said.

"After four months I feel mentally ready to go for a hack with with the horses and to go for coffee with a friend.

"I've been slowly riding again and going for long walks while giving my body enough time to recover.

"I want to do something gentle like pilates again and build up muscles."