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Rayner admits Labour 'patronised' voters – but claims Starmer's leadership 'off the scale'

Boris Johnson warns Starmer of ‘hungry’ Angela Rayner

The deputy Labour leader has explained the party faced a Brexit challenge with voters in Hartlepool after losing the seat to Tory MP Jill Mortimer. Angela Rayner, who has since lost her role as chairman, told ITV News: "The challenge we faced there, was the Brexit vote had come together into the Conservative party, you can see that the vote went straight there. They didn't think we offered them anything, we've got to offer something post Covid now, that talks about renewal in our areas.

"I've talked about the patronising tone that we have sometimes actually, and I've felt that as a working-class girl. We don't want people to do things for us, or tell us what to do we want the empowerment to do things for ourselves."

Presenter Hannah Miller asked: "Have you had the tone wrong?"

Ms Rayner continued: "I think at times we've had the tone wrong, yeah, I mean we must've we lost.

"These people haven't felt they are coming back to us yet.

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Angela Rayner

Angela Rayner has admitted the Labour Party 'patronised' voters (Image: BBC)

Keir Starmer news

Keir Starmer removed Ms Rayner as chairman of the Labour Party (Image: PTV)

"There are signs things are getting better, I've been out on the doorstep, people are willing to listen to us, they still have some concerns, they still don't know what we stand for.

"You know some people ask 'what are you for?' and that's the challenge and why I wanted to take on a front facing role and Keir agreed with that.

"It's not just about attacking Tories but asking what we would do differently?"

Asked whether she trusts Labour leader Keir Starmer, Ms Rayner said "absolutely".

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Ms Miller asked: "How do you rate his leadership on a scale of one to ten?"

The deputy leader said: "Off the scale. It's been hard in a pandemic everyone would look at it, and people have said you know, what does Keir stand for?And I know Keir stands for our Labour values."

It comes as Boris Johnson has lampooned Sir Keir over his bungled reshuffle and joked his deputy will be "hungrier" for more power.

Ms Rayner was given greater authority within the shadow cabinet following intense criticism of Labour leader Sir Keir's initial move to strip her of key roles as party chairwoman and campaign co-ordinator following the elections.


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Keir Starmer news

Keir Starmer Brexit timeline (Image: EXPRESS)

But Prime Minister Mr Johnson taunted Ms Rayner over her new jobs.

Speaking in the Commons, Mr Johnson praised his Conservative colleague Katherine Fletcher for seconding a motion linked to the Queen's Speech before noting the South Ribble MP was formerly a safari guide.

Mr Johnson went on: "She knows in any pride of lions, it is the male who tends to occupy the position of titular, of nominal authority, but the most dangerous beast, the prize hunter of the pack is in fact the lioness."

One MP shouted "she's behind you" with Conservative former prime minister Theresa May positioned behind Mr Johnson.

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