Rangers are ranked 56 places above Celtic in one global power ranking as their Premiership dominance sees Steven Gerrard 's side shoot up a list of the world's best clubs.

The Ibrox club won the title in March and remain unbeaten with two matches to go.

In the final derby of the season Rangers took a 4-1 win at Ibrox to affirm their dominance this season and they've shot up the global rankings.

Stats website FiveThirtyEight ranks 636 clubs from around the world to try and determine the best team on the planet.

The algorithm takes into account things such as expected goals (xG), domestic league strength and the value of a team's squad.

Rangers manager Steven Gerrard (left) and Celtic manager John Kennedy
Rangers manager Steven Gerrard (left) and Celtic manager John Kennedy

According to the website Champions League finalists Manchester City are the current best team in the world, followed by Barcelona and Bayern Munich.

Rangers currently come in at 61st, sandwiched between Serie A side Sassuolo and PSV Eindhoven.

The metric has them ahead of River Plate, Valencia and Europa League foes Slavia Prague.

But for Celtic that 4-1 defeat in the derby last weekend has proved costly.

They've plummeted another 12 places and are now ranked in 117th place, just behind Sochi of the Russian Premier League.

However, Celtic are ranked five places higher than likely new manager Eddie Howe's former club Bournemouth.