Rain tapping on the window, waves meeting the shore - and the pop-and-fizz of a champagne bottle opening have been named among the most pleasant sounds.

A study of 2,000 adults saw more than four in 10 select the soothing noise of waves lapping on the shore as their favourite sound while a third opted for a crackling log fire.

Other sounds Brits find pleasing include tennis balls going back and forth over a tennis net at Wimbledon, and the crunch of walking on fresh snow.

But the study revealed not all sounds are appreciated with one in five having to put up with bin lorries rumbling up and down their street, and another tenth are disturbed by the passing of nearby trains.

As a result, a quarter polled wish they lived somewhere quieter, and on average, adults lose two night's sleep each week due to noise on their street.

The sound of a thunderstorm is the tenth most pleasant sound. Picture shows a violent thunderstorm approaching over the Adriatic Sea, with the lights of Dubrovnik Old Town visible in the distance, Dalmatia, Croatia.
We love Wimbledon - but we also love the sound of it

The stats emerged in a study by global smartphone manufacturer Huawei, after it gifted a pair of wireless Freebuds 3 earphones to Emma Healey, 31, who lives minutes away from Heathrow Airport - to drown out some of the external noise.

Emma, who lives with her mum Jane and two-year-old daughter Felicity, has resided on Lewin Terrace, one of the noisiest streets in the country and just a stone's throw from the airport's Terminal Four, for 28 years.

Every year, some 475,000 'movements' - the industry term for arrivals and departures - take place at Heathrow, with a plane taking off or landing on average every 45 seconds.

The gesture will come as a relief for Emma who said the noise has not only affected her sleep at home, but also her social life.

And we love the sound of a toaster popping - because it means time for toast!

She said: "Even after all this time, I'm not used to the sound. Sometimes I can even hear the planes being filled with fuel - that's how close they are.

"Christmas is particularly noisy, and you can literally hear an airplane going over every 90 seconds - it's just become the norm for me.

"In the summer, it gets so hot in the house that we can't get the windows open.

"Trying to watch TV is particularly impossible, you have to turn it up so loud you don't enjoy watching TV any more, blaring in your face."

A kettle boiling is the 11th most pleasant sound
Sheep going 'baa' is a favourite too

Justin Costello, head of marketing, Huawei UK & Ireland, said: "With the busiest flying weekend of Christmas just around the corner, we thought who more deserving than the people who live under the flight path of the busiest airport in the country, to gift them a pair of Huawei Freedbuds 3.

"We hope that their brand new Freebuds 3 give the residents a more peaceful Christmas, with the active noise cancellation feature, and the ability to enjoy crystal clear music even over the sound of a commercial jet plane."

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4. Walking on fresh snow
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10. A thunderstorm
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