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Rachel Riley squirms as she spots VERY rude word on Countdown

RACHEL Riley could barely contain herself when she spotted a very rude word on the Countdown board today.

The 34-year-old presenter squirmed when she noticed that the vowels and consonants a contestant had chosen could easily spell out c**t, during the final letters game.

Contestant Tony asked: "Can I have a vowel please?" before Rachel listed off "U", followed by "C", "N", and "T".

The TV star turned around when she clocked the almost-slur and pulled a twisted grimace to the camera.

Ever the consummate professional, Rachel managed to keep a straight face and got on with the show.

The Strictly Come Dancing star was still pregnant with her first child, daughter Maven Aria in the pre-recorded show, and was seen cradling her baby bump.

Last year, the star - who has been co-presenting Countdown for over a decade - treated fans to a selection of the naughtiest words to have ever appeared on the show to mark her 10 years there.

The cringe-worthy letters which are picked at random include, "erection", "shags", "todgers", "vaginas", "orgasms" and - most bizarrely of all - "OK I squirt".

Other rude words picked by contestants include "bumhole" (which believe it or not has appeared TWICE), ""perverts", "p***", "sugar t***" and "no panties".

Rachel first joined Countdown in 2009 when she was 22 - having only just graduated from the University of Oxford.

In 2013, Rachel appeared on Strictly Come Dancing and began dating her dance partner Pasha Kovalev.

Five years later the couple decided to take their relationship to the next level - and tied the knot in 2019 during a ceremony in Las Vegas.

She gave birth to their daughter Maven Aria in December, announcing: "2 weeks after we were expecting her this little one finally made an appearance.

“Miss Maven (one who understands) Aria (lioness) Riley Kovaleva arrived on Sunday morning weighing in at 7lbs 4."

She added: “After keeping us waiting she came so fast we didn’t get to hospital & was born in our bathroom with our amazing doula & wonderful St Mary’s midwives rushing over to be with us just in time!

“She’s absolutely perfect & Pasha & I are in newborn bliss. Couldn’t be more in love.”