The Queen's daily duties are getting "a little bit too much," a Royal expert has warned, after Her Majesty pulled out of appearing at the COP26 conference.

Doctors have advised the 95-year-old monarch to rest - and royal experts believe her team will now be evaluating which engagements and events the Queen will be strong enough to attend in the coming weeks, and which royal events will no longer be suitable for her.

Speaking on Radio 4's Today programme, royal editor of the Sunday Times, Roya Nikkhah explained that it's likely the Queen's doctors will have advised her that her usual duties are getting a bit too much for her, and so the Queen may could reduce the number of engagements she attends and stop travelling so far.

"I think we've got to try and take what the palace is saying at face value," Roya said. "What they're [the Palace] saying is she's continuing to rest on medical advice."

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She continued: "Given the round trip [to the COP26 conference] is some 1,000 miles, I think the feeling was taken that she's been told to rest for a while - she's still doing that. We know she's doing light duties at Windsor, but it's quite a trip for a 95-year-old and she's had this incredibly packed, both public and private, diary for a few weeks which has obviously left her pretty tired.

"I think, we don't know because we're not doctors, the feeling probably was from her doctors is it was a little bit much for her to do all that."

"And it's not just the travel," Roya added. "It's also being on, it's also entertaining and hosting world leaders, talking to them about climate change and all of that. I think the feeling probably is that that's all just a little bit too much at the moment, until she's back to full strength."

Asked whether Palace staff would be making changes to the Queen's upcoming schedules, Roya said: "I think there will be a reassessment and possibly a slight gear change in the kind of work the Queen does and the distances she travels.

"But, all being well, if the Queen is able to continue with public duties as we hope that she will be - I think we will still see her out and about as much as she feels and her doctors feel she can, but I think there will be a gear change."

She continued: "Her private secretaries and her diary secretaries will be looking at the engagements that come and thinking 'what does Her Majesty The Queen really need to be at and what does she feel she can really do?.' So, yes, I think there will be a constant review going forwards now."

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Roya's comments come after Buckingham Palace announced the Queen had "regretfully decided" not to attend the UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow next week after being admitted to hospital for an unexplained condition.

She spent a night in hospital last Wednesday, her first overnight stay in a ward for more than eight years, and was ordered to rest by her doctors.

But though she won't be attending the conference in-person on November 1, she is expected to still be involved in some degree by sending a video message to the conference.

Explaining potential reasons why the Queen would want to send a video message to the leaders at the conference, Roya said: "We had some quite interesting background guidance yesterday from royal sources, saying that although she's not going to be there in person she is going to be filming this video address this week and she is going to be working behind the scenes to make sure there are meaningful actions.

"I thought what was really interesting was the guidance we had that she's very keen that other world leaders and heads of state don't use her absence as an excuse not to attend, so she's following it [the conference] very, very closely."

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