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Boris Johnson argues that Putin would not have invaded Ukraine if the Tory 1922 Commission filed "his proceedings."

Boris Johnson invades Ukraine earlier this year ifVladimirputinhas a 1922 conservative committee Suggested that he would not have done so. "About his incident" Backbencher.

At the G7 Summit, the Prime Minister boasted to CNN that he had "a new mission for my party" after passing through a recent distrust resolution arranged by a powerful Tory Commission. Did.

"I'm very happy ... the percentage of congressional votes is higher than it was at the beginning, so I'm very happy, we We will move forward, "he said of the Tory rebel challenge.

"I think the great thing about democracy is that the leaders are being scrutinized. It's good to say I'm back home. In my case there are people and There are people who argue, "said Johnson.

The Prime Minister added: Backbencher, 1922 Commission, in his case?

Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross changes the rules of the Commission to allow a second distrust resolution against Mr Johnson within 12 months. Because I said it shouldn't be. Resignation.

The current rule states that a trust vote can only be held once a year. However, Tory MP Andrew Bridgen outlined plans to support the executive role of the 1922 Commission on the Manifest's pledge to change the rules.

At the BBC Sunday show, Ross said: When changing rules.

He added: "I personally don't think I need to change the rules in the middle of the process. I think it's the wrong way to do it."

Tory senior councilor Tim Loughton said on Sunday. The minister, who opposes Mr Johnson, said he should have the courage to resign.

Meanwhile, Johnson also argued that if Ukraine was still in the EU, Britain would not have been at the forefront of providing assistance to Ukraine.

After Britain's withdrawal from the EU, when asked if Britain was better, the Prime Minister told CNN before mentioning the reaction of Britain's Covid vaccine and its ability to enter into new trade agreements. "[Better]," he said.

The Prime Minister added: "We can change some of the regulations to regain control of the border. We no longer spend a lot of money on projects that we couldn't control. And that was a good decision."

 Johnson states: To arm the Ukrainians and give them the means to protect themselves.