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Putin's Loss Exposed: 35,000 troops, 1,500 tanks, and 217 planes cost little.

Ukraine: Loss of Russian armored forces discussed by Milly

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Numbers shared by the Strategic Communication and Information Security Center of Ukraine. The Ministry of Culture and Information Policy represents the only estimate currently available in the state of theMoscow Army. However, information about casualties and hardware losses cannot be verified and is not fully trusted for the personal benefit of the government.

The Ukrainian government regularly publishes updates on Russia's losses in the four-month conflict this week.

According to the latest update, other losses of the Kremlin's equipment on Friday include 3,645 Armored Protection Vehicles (APVs), 75 Artillery Systems, 241 Multiple Launch Rockets (MLRS), and 2,560. Vehicles are included.

Russia has only killed two officially killed troops, last on March 25, with 1,351 experts saying the experts were too low at the time. It was a number.

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Vladimir Putin and a destroyed Russian tank

Putin in the war with Ukraine 35,000 Lost an army of people, 1,500 tanks, and 217 planes. Data show(Image: GETTY)

Kiev does not reveal such statistics about its own power or hardware. ..

However,President Volodymyr Zelenskysaid earlier this month that his army lost up to 100 soldiers a day and injured about 500.

In an interview with the Newsmax television channel in the United States, Zelensky said: So we have defensive boundaries. He added that calling Ukraine and her people

is the world's "defensive boundary" against the invasion ofVladimirputin.

"And certainly Russia is not going to stop in Ukraine.

" Other countries, the former Soviet Union, and EU member states (some are already NATO members) Is already under threat. "

During his intervention, on June 1, Ukrainian leaders said that the most difficult situation was with the eastern part of the country and NATO. He said that it is a southern state of Ruhansik, both of which are part of the Donbas region – "unconditional priority" in Putin's invasion target.

More than three weeks later, the region remains at the center of Russia's focus.

On Saturday, Russian troops completely occupied strategically important Severodonetsk, the mayor said.

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Ukrainian soliders in Donbas

Ukrainian soldiers , Eastern Ukraine region of Donbus(Image: GETTY)

The collapse of the city, which used to be home to more than 100,000 people, is now a wasteland of rubble. According to Russian cannons, it is the Kremlin's biggest victory since occupying the port of Mariupol last month.

This was the latest symbol of Ukrainian resistance in Donbus, but now Mayor Oleksandr Strike says that the area has been virtually blocked and those left behind cannot reach Ukrainian territory. Said that.

Victory means that 95 percent of Luhansk Oblast is under the control of Russian and local separatists.

Russians and separatists also dominate about half of Donetsk.

Kiriro Budanov, Director of Defense Intelligence, Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, described Severodonetsk as a means to reorganize the collapse of Severodonetsk on the hills of adjacent Lysychans'k.

He said: "The activity taking place in the area of ​​Severodonetsk is a tactical reorganization of our army.

" This is to gain a tactical advantage. Withdrawal to a favorable position. "

The head of the military intelligence agency added: "Russia uses the tactics used in Mariupol. It wipes the city from the surface of the earth."