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Putin has secret slush fund to spend millions on mistresses and love children, poisoned enemy Alexei Navalny claims

Kremlin foe Alexei Navalny has accused Vladimir Putin of using state cash to fund his secret mistresses. 

The opposition leader - who was allegedly poisoned by a chemical nerve agent planted by a government hit squad - made the allegations in a new video issued after his arrest in Moscow.

He has also claimed that Putin has a £1 billion palace on the Black Sea with a red velvet pole-dancing den and a casino. 

Navalny, 44, also claimed that the Russian leader - who he labels the world’s richest man - uses a “slush fund” to cover the expenses of his extended family.

This includes Putin's alleged partner Alina Kabaeva - a gold-medal winning Olympic gymnast - and ex-mistress Svetlana Krivonogikh, who is reportedly the mum of his 17-year-old love child, Navalny alleged. 

The lawyer and anti-corruption campaigner claimed: “Putin - as befits a person who imagines himself a monarch - has a rich and eventful personal life.

"The needs of our humble president are not at all limited to the Black Sea palace. What about the relatives? 

“You do not expect that they, like some ordinary people, will live on a salary? 

"Everyone needs a place to live. Everyone needs a plane. Everyone needs a yacht. 

“All this must be paid for. This means that we need a financial scheme and people who will fill this scheme with money.

“This slush fund…. is used by Putin in order to cover the expenses of family members.”

He said Putin was behind Krivonogikh's rise from a cleaner to a shareholder of Rossiya Bank.

“No-one can understand how such happiness fell on Krivonogikh, who once worked as a cleaner. Here’s the answer," Navalny said.

“Krivonogikh met Putin in the late 1990s, and in 2003, according to Proekt (media), she gave birth to his daughter Elizaveta.”

She then received a number of luxury apartments via oligarch friends of Putin, Navalny claimed.

“After Krivonogikh gave birth to Putin's child, a bunch of assets - including a three per cent stake in Rossiya Bank - were registered for her," Navalny said.

“There can be no random women in this scheme.

"This is another example of how Putin's friends steal from the entire country, and as a token of gratitude they support Putin's mistress and her child.

“Putin's personal life concerns only him. He can even have 20 families if he desires, it’s none of our business. We pay attention to something else.

"His tumultuous relationship is paid for by bribes and corruption.

“Get this - there are 20 million beggars in the country, and he buys a yacht for his mistress."

But this was a “trifle” compared with the funding of Kabaeva, he claimed. 

"Billions of stolen money are being spent on supporting another woman of Putin,” he said. 

Kabaeva’s grandmother received an apartment in St Petersburg from an oligarch close to Putin, Gennady Timchenko, he alleged. 

The grandmother also allegedly received two houses.

Meanwhile, Kabaeva controls major newspapers and TV stations  in Russia as chairman of National Media Group, which belongs to another close Putin oligarch Yury Kovalchuk.

“Kabaeva is the best in the world at jumping with a ball and a ribbon, but she would not have been able to manage television companies and newspapers if not for her connection with Putin,” he said. 

Her official salary is £7.8 million.

He taunted Putin:  “The life of a polygamist brings not only pleasure, but also problems.”

Putin provided for the mothers of  Kabaeva and Krivonogikh via a Gazprom subsidiary called Teplo Invest, he claimed. 

“I think [Gazprom] to change the slogan,” he said.

“Gazprom: Using the national treasure to support Putin's mother-in-laws."

Poisoned Putin critic Alexei Navalny accuses Kremlin of the 'highest level of lawlessness' after his arrest

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