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Punters stake £1m on Boris Johnson winning the General Election with 47-seat majority


PUNTERS have staked £1million on Boris Johnson winning the General Election with a 47-seat majority.

Cash is being piled on 81 former Labour strongholds which are at risk of falling into Tory hands when Britain goes to the polls.

The smart money says 37 former Labour strongholds will tumble to the Tories on Thursday, some going blue for the first time in a century.

The prediction comes in an analysis of big money bets placed on target constituencies by political gamblers.

Big-money punters expect Labour’s “red wall” of northern and Midlands seats to crack — and betting odds are a better guide than polls when predicting elections because punters know the local news and gossip.

Betting exchange Smarkets says the Labour seats most likely to fall are Dudley North (89 per cent at risk) — held by Ian Austin, who has quit Labour over anti-Semitism — Great Grimsby (77.5 per cent) and Bishop Auckland (72 per cent).

Many have reached the conclusion that Jeremy Corbyn’s unpopularity coupled with the desire to get Brexit done will convince many traditional Labour supporters to hold their noses and vote Tory.

Labour is also in danger of losing six other seats – five to the SNP and one to the Lib Dems.

Sarbjit Bakhshi, Smarkets’s head of political markets, said: “The evidence suggests that the red wall is buckling but it’s not about to collapse.

“There are clearly areas that will not abandon Labour, such as huge swathes of Yorkshire.

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