A rescue centre which experienced "the most terrible night ever" as Storm Arwen damaged their property and caused the death of a puppy has received huge financial support from the public overnight.

Owner of Many Tears Animal Rescue Centre, Sylvia Van Atta said she was in disbelief to discover more than £65,000 had been raised online in response to an appeal made for help after the events at their Cefneithin, Llanelli base.

We previously reported how the storm, which saw almost 100 mph winds batter the UK, ripped metal roofing off its barn and classroom building, and also resulted in the death of a 10-day old puppy, Florence, after it became too cold after the centre was left without any power or electricity.

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Florence was just ten days old

People have responded generously, not just financially, but with other support to help out the rescue centre during their hour of need.

Mrs Van Atta, who runs the centre with her husband Bill, said: "People have been so kind, they have brought all sorts of things - food and blankets. Some people have been made aware of us for the first time, I think some didn't know we existed, but it's been very nice. People have made it so much better. I won't forget that we lost Florence over this, but it has really been an eye opener how kind people are.

"I'm very focused on the dogs and looking after them and trying to get it right, but when I was told how much had been raised, I just couldn't believe it. I can't believe that people care that much - I know they care, but it's just amazing really.

"We have been struggling all through Covid, struggling so much, and now I look at some of the other buildings and I think, I can replace things which I should have done a long time ago, but I thought the most important thing was to save lives. After this, I'm now looking and thinking, 'But what if that happened to that building'. It will never be a palace, it will never be like some rescues, but it will save so many lives and the dogs will be so loved and cared for as they always are here.

The roof was ripped off a barn and classroom building

"Our place is a bit shanty town compared to some of the big rescues but we spend all of our money on the dogs and other dogs - there are times where other places are in dire straights and need something, and if we have a bit of extra cash we make sure we help with them too because it's not right to just sit on funds and have it all for yourself when you need it.

"Other rescues have been good, they call me and try to help and do whatever they could, and people have just been wonderful, they really have. Even people who aren't able to do a lot have come and done what they could. If they are not physically able they have done other things. Someone has knitted bobble hats just so the staff are warm, which is really nice.

"People in the building trade have given us places where we can go to get the supplies at better rates, and some people have said they'll come and help when we strip the roof and do it properly. We really need a crew because we want it done properly so that this never happens again."

Sylvia Van Atta pictured at Many Tears Animal Rescue Centre in Cefneithin

Describing the state of their building now, Mrs Van Atta said: "It's a lot better, it's calm and it looks tidy.

"It's okay for the public to come in now, before there was too many jagged edges and bits and pieces around. The dogs had a good night, they all had heat so it is so much better.

"The power was restored at around 3pm yesterday afternoon and then it went off about five times in the evening. It was a bit scary at times but it stayed on all night from 11pm onwards and it hasn't cut again at the moment.

"Everything is as secure as it can be, we've just kind of tacked the roof on for the time being. We had to have 20 people stand on one side whilst we tried to bend it the other way."

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