A popular Scots pub has gone viral after their hilarious children's menu was shared on social media.

The Clachain Inn, near Mallaig, has come up with an ingenious workaround to avoid the usual stramash at dinner when it comes to kids picking what they have to eat.

Each of the options available have brilliant names like 'whatever', 'I'm not hungry' and 'I don't care'.

Writer Hazel Katherine Larkin shared a photo of the genius menu and it struck a chord with parents.

Her tweet has clocked up 40,000 likes and almost 10,000 shares since it was posted on Sunday, June 13.

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Yvonne Macpherson, who runs the pub with husband Ross and has two young kids of her own, was surprised by the huge reaction.

She said: "We have noticed it’s getting some views and shares on a lot of social media pages. Having two young girls under five, it seemed appropriate as that’s our usual chat when we eat out together."

The experienced bar owner added that it might have struck a chord with most parents because it's so true, she said: "Customers love it especially when they actually get to order from it, very fitting in most cases."

Responding to the Tweet, one Twitter user wrote: "This is brilliant!! Talk about knowing your market."

While another quipped: "Sending this to so many parents."

Yvonne jokingly added that they could have done the same with the adult choices on the menu for older fussy eaters but didn't want to risk offending anyone.

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