A pair of boozers caught on CCTV appearing to smuggle a potted plant out of a pub have been slammed by the venue’s owners as “scumbags”.

A spokesperson for the pub branded the couple “low lives” and said they had been "humiliated" after the footage was seen by more than 45,000 people.

In the video, which was shared by the Landsowne Pub in Cardiff, Wales, the CAMRA Pub of the Year 2014, a man and a woman can be seen having a drink together.

While the woman, dressed in a green jacket, polishes off her drink, the man, who is donning a hooded puffer jacket and a baseball cap, appears to scan the room to see if anyone is watching.

Next, he reaches back to a windowsill to his left and swiftly snatches a small potted plant from the ledge.

The couple appeared to be enjoying a normal sit-down (


The man was caught on CCTV swiping the plant (



He appears to bundle it into his coat, then leans forward in conversation with his companion again.

In a not-so-subtle move, he holds a menu up on the table seemingly to hide the plant as he lifts it up onto the surface and passes it to the woman, who then puts it into her coat.

The woman gets up, grabs her purse and heads out of the frame, while the man necks the rest of his drink then follows her.

As he also leaves the frame, the plant that was earlier moved onto the table cannot be seen.

A spokesperson for the pub shared the video on social media and slammed the alleged thieves for their actions.

The tweet, which appears to come from the award-winning pub’s official account, reads: "Got any room left in your coat for any more of our plants? #WhyDoWeEvenBother #Scumbags."

Cerys Furlong, who is described as one of the three owners of the pub by the Western Mail, also branded the alleged thieves “low lives”.

According to reports from The Sun , pub bosses will not be pursuing any legal action.

A spokesperson for The Landsowne Pub told The Sun: "We're not going to take it any further.

"They think they've been humiliated enough Plus it's not going to be a good look for the pub, is it?"

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