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Property experts reveal top tips to increase the value of your home

PROPERTY experts have revealed several top tips on how to increase to the value of your home.

We've put together everything you need to know.

What did researchers find out?

Property experts at examined the impact of good neighbours on property values by surveying 2,341 homeowners to ascertain which neighbourly kerb appeal features Brits would be willing to pay a premium for and just how much.

Which neighbourly kerb appeal features would Brits pay a premium for?

Following the results of the survey, these features should help to increase the value of your home:

  1. Well-kept garden – 75%
  2. Well-kept driveway – 67%
  3. No overflowing rubbish in bins – 58%
  4. Bins out of sight – 56%
  5. No building work – 51%
  6. Security/alarm system – 48%
  7. Neat paintwork/exterior – 42%
  8. Fencing around property and garden – 39%
  9. Clean windows (no chips or rotting) – 22%
  10. Clean gutters – 15%
  11. High-quality DIY finishes – 14%
  12. Modern/well-kept cars in the drive – 8%

A well-kept garden is hugely important when viewing a property, as discovered by OnBuy’s Garden Furniture sector who claim 67 per cent of British homeowners are more inclined to view a house where the garden is in a good condition. 

Therefore, it’s somewhat predictable that PriceYourJob’s survey respondents claim they’d be willing to pay a premium for neighbours with a well-kept garden (75 per cent). 

Following not too far behind is a well-kept driveway, with 67 per cent of Brits dubbing this the second most influential good neighbourly quality for potential added value. 

It would appear, 58 per cent would rather not see overflowing rubbish in bins, whilst 56 per cent would rather not see the bins at all. 

In the penultimate spot are high-quality DIY finishes with just 14 per cent.

In last place are modern/well-kept cars in the drive, influencing just 8 per cent of the population. also asked respondents how much extra they’d pay for good neighbours: 

  1. 1-3% extra = 51% of respondents 
  2. 4-7% extra = 44% of respondents
  3. 8-10% extra = 4% of respondents
  4. 10% + extra = 1% of respondents

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