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Prison for rapists and sex offenders handing out gender pronoun badges


A PRISON for rapists and sex offenders is handing out gender pronoun badges.

HMP Isle of Wight has been accused of woke “pandering”.

It unveiled six purple badges with pronouns such as “he/they”, “her/they” and “they/them”.

Also included are more conventional ones “she/her” and “he/him”.

Another just says “ask me” on it.

The move has ­coincided with National Inclusion Week, which began yesterday.

The prison said on Twitter: “In preparation for National Inclusion Week our equalities team have started ­distributing pronoun badges. What’s your pronoun?”

It added the hashtags “inclusion”, “equality” “diversity” and “unitedforinclusion”.

It is not known if the badges are meant for cons, warders or visitors.

One local said: “This must be a joke? In a high-security male estate you are seriously giving out pronoun badges.

“Maybe get rid of the ­inclusion team and employ ­counsellors/teachers. Stunning waste of money.”

Another said: “You’d wear badges in a prison? You could inflict a nasty injury with a spiky bit of metal.”

Tim Laughton, chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee, said: “Oh dear, now woke has broken into prison too.

“There’s a problem with getting sex offenders convicted and behind bars in the first place — so the last thing we need to be pandering to is making sure serious criminals have their personal pronouns respected.”

HMP Isle of Wight is made up of HMP Albany and HMP Parkhurst. Past inmates have included the Kray twins, Peter Sutcliffe and Gary Glitter.

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