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Prince William looks like he’s next in line to play James Bond in these spy-catching outfits

ANYONE watching the first Earthshot awards would have seen how seriously the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are taking the whole sustainability issue.

The red carpet was green. Most of the A-list celebrities were encouraged to stay in their Hollywood mansions, rather than jump in their carbon-bashing private jets.

And the pair of them wore some seriously old clothes.

Even a couple of years ago, the thought of turning up at a fancy black-tie affair in clothes you had worn more than once would have been anathema to celebs and royals alike.

But all bold-face names now understand it’s not cool to flounce around in brand-new designer togs.

The other night, Kate dutifully pulled out an old Alexander McQueen look from 2011 — a silver-white Grecian-style gown with a gold belt to cinch the waist — which she had previously worn to a Bafta event while taking her first royal tour of Canada and the US.

But it was William who really stole the show. By rights, he could have simply worn a regulation evening suit, complete with white dress shirt and black tie.

That would have attracted no press attention, seeing the whole point of men’s evening dress is for all of them to look identical.

Instead, he rocked up in an extremely chic black polo-neck jumper and a bottle-green velvet jacket, both of which look like they were originally designed by the Savile Row tailor Richard James (where the prince has regularly shopped before).

Sure, he was sporting a pair of 20-year-old black trousers he’d once worn to a Centrepoint charity event. And yes, he squeezed himself into an old pair of patent-leather shoes.

But it was his snazzy jacket and louche polo-neck that really turned heads.

The James Bond producers are currently sifting through a large inbox of applications to become Daniel Craig’s replacement as 007.

Frankly, they need look no further. All they have to do is jump in a cab and head on down to Kensington Palace, where they will no doubt be greeted by the duke sipping a dry martini.

“The name’s William.” Beat. “Prince William.”

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