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Prince Harry in Edinburgh: 'Good luck finding your platform, lad' - Edinburgh reacts to the Royal's arrival at Waverley

Prince Harry arrives at Edinburgh Waverley
Prince Harry arrives at Edinburgh Waverley

Plenty of people responded when we broke the news that Prince Harry had arrived in Edinburgh.

Prince Harry set tongues wagging when he was spotted arriving at Edinburgh Waverley Station on Tuesday evening.

He was pictured sporting a black jacket and cap after getting off a train in the city centre.

His wife Meghan was not with him.

The 35-year-old is due to host a summit on sustainable and ethical tourism in the Capital.

The Scottish dry-wit was out in force as Edinburgh locals offered the Duke of Sussex some friendly pointers.

Arron Neve wrote: “Good luck finding your platform, lad.”

Rachel Bell added: “Maybe enjoyed a stroll through our beautiful East Princes St Gardens?”

Alan Inverarity was expecting him, writing: “Heading to my gaff for dinner. Spag bol and artic roll.”

Plenty of folk were happy to see such a high profile member of the Royal family in the Scottish Capital.

Gordon Craig has his eyes on a meeting with Harry, saying: “Top bloke, would love to go for a pint with him.”

Una Moffat praised the fact he’d used a train as transport, adding: “So sad that he can't even catch a train. And you’re all on his back. Good on you HARRY leave him alone.”

Avril Dear offered her welcome to the city, saying: “Welcome to Edinburgh. Good luck with the Summit. Hope the Council is there to listen?”

However, some were less than pleased to see Harry in the city.

Ioana Colfescu wrote: “I just love when people using their own private jet and spending some 20 million tax payers money a year for their security give us lessons on Sustainability.”