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Prince Charles 'resentful' of Prince Andrew securing special 'favour' from mother Queen

Prince Charles has "resented" the Queen's "favouring" of Prince Andrew over him for a "very long time", according to a royal commentator. Clive Irving, author of 'The Last Queen', spoke to Sky News Australia about why he thought the Prince of Wales' future reign could bring about the end of the monarchy. He pointed to the heir's relationship with his younger brother as an example of his immaturity.

Mr Irving said: "There's an interesting story about the relationship between Charles and Andrew.

"Why does the Queen favour Andrew over Charles?

"I know this to be true - she's long favoured Andrew over Charles.

"Charles has resented it for a very long time."

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According to the author, the Duke of York stepping down from public life therefore "came as a blessing" to the Prince of Wales.

He told Sky News Australia that Charles was "instrumental in sending Andrew to the gulag".

Mr Irving added that he thought the future king did that "with great relish".

Andrew has long been said to be the Queen's favourite of her children.

Journalist Ayesha Hazarika explained why to Channel 5: "I think it's felt that the Queen had so much pressure on her when she had her first two children.

"When Andrew and Edward came along a wee bit later, she almost felt like she had a second family.

"She felt that she had a bit more time to dedicate to them."

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Mr Irving also claimed that Prince Charles has "hints of a tyrant king about him.

The author told Sky News Australia: "He likes to surround himself with sycophants.

"He would build a court, a kind of echo chamber, to reinforce his own views, and exclude any countervailing views.

"That's also an autocratic tendency which I think is completely out of tune with the times.

"The prospect of Charles III is pretty frightening, I think. He's not a figure of the moment."

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