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Prince Andrew told ‘things will get worse’ if he doesn’t speak to FBI over Epstein

Gloria Allred added that delay tactics are reducing the Prince’s standing in public opinion. She said: “He doesn’t need to step into the US in order to speak to the FBI; the FBI has liaison in the UK. 

Prince Andrew

Prince Andrew, Duke of York (Image: LINDSEY PARNABY/AFP via Getty Images)

“All he has to do is say I am doing it no conditions, no excuses. He just needs to get on with it – tempus fugit (time’s a-wasting).”

Ms Allred, who represents a victim of the late paedophile Jeffrey Epstein – a friend of Andrew’s – arranged for a bus showing the Prince’s photo and “If you see this man ask him to call the FBI” to drive past Buckingham Palace on Friday. 

Speaking at the 5th Annual Roger Neal & Maryanne Lai Academy Awards, she said: “It is time to deliver the truth.” Andrew, 60, has always denied any wrongdoing.