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Prince Andrew ‘given massage in Buckingham Palace bedroom while naked under towel by masseuse introduced by Maxwell’

PRINCE Andrew was given a massage in a Buckingham Palace bedroom while naked under a towel by a masseuse introduced to him by socialite Ghislaine Maxwell, it has been revealed today.

Masseuse Monique Giannelloni recounted how she was led down the plush palace's hallway before being greeted by the Duke of York in 2000.

Speaking to the Mail Online, the now 55-year-old said she was "very nervous" as she was taken through the grand rooms for the massage.

And she claimed inside the bedroom was a photo of Prince Andrew's ex Sarah Ferguson along with their two children, Beatrice and Eugenie.

Duke's then-Assistant Private Secretary Charlotte Manley then handed over a cheque for £75 for the massage.

Ms Giannelloni, who was a member of the British Register of Complementary Practitioners, today said she was concerned about how easy it had been to get into the palace after being booked in for the appointment.

And she shed new light on the infamous photo that shows Prince Andrew with Virginia Roberts together at a party in March 2001.

It was shot inside what is said to be the house of British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell in Kinnerton Street, Belgravia, London, who is featured in the photograph.

But in his car crash interview with the BBC, Prince Andrew cast doubt on the photo, saying he had never been upstairs at Ms Maxwell's London home.

Yet Ms Giannelloni said she recognised the scenery in the photo as the upstairs landing at Ms Maxwell's home.

And she said she knew for sure as she had been booked to go to the Belgravia home "out of the blue".

While she said she couldn't attend an 11pm appointment, she claimed she instead gave Ms Maxwell an appointment for 10.30am the next day.

Booked for another appointment over the next few days, she said Jeffrey Epstein was present.

She said: "There was an animated discussion going on between the two that lasted most of the time. They were talking about purchasing an island.

"They were mentioning millions of pounds and speaking very pretentiously and I thought, 'Who are these people?'."

Describing Epstein as "creepy, seedy and very pretentious", Ms Giannelloni said she was then asked by Ms Maxwell to attend a yacht party she was hosting to give out massages.

She said: "She told me about a yacht party she was hosting and asked me if I would be prepared to go and give massages.

"She told me that I would have to keep private what happened on the yacht. I assumed she meant 'anything goes'."

Ms Giannelloni said she had declined the offer, getting the impression that Ms Maxwell was "distasteful and pretentious."

Where is Ghislaine Maxwell now?

JEFFREY Epstein's ex partner Ghislaine Maxwell, son of former media tycoon Robert, has been thrust back into the limelight following Prince Andrew's car crash interview.

In 1992 she had a romantic relationship with American financier Jeffrey Epstein and remained closely associated with him for decades afterwards.

She was also close pals with Lady Victoria Hervey and Prince Andrew.

The whereabouts of Maxwell - dubbed Epstein's pimp - has been a mystery since 66-year-old Epstein died in his jail cell in August while awaiting trial on a slew of sex trafficking charges.

The Sun has offered a £10,000 reward for information on Jeffrey Epstein pal Ghislaine Maxwell after she disappeared amid accusations she acted like a "madame" for Epstein.

It's now reported that the FBI may "know where she is".

Prince Andrew was forced to step down from his royal duties after the car crash Newsnight interview.

The 59-year-old was criticised for not showing enough sympathy to the victims of Jeffrey Epstein.

Meanwhile, the whereabouts of Ms Maxwell are unclear.

The 57-year-old has been accused of acting like a "madame" for Jeffrey Epstein.

Almost 2,000 pages of a lawsuit were released in a defamation case involving Virginia Giuffre (then Roberts), who in 2015 claimed Prince Andrew slept with her three times, and Epstein’s ex-lover Maxwell.

Ms Maxwell has repeatedly denied any involvement in Epstein's crimes.

The 66-year-old was found dead in his jail cell in August while awaiting trial on a slew of sex trafficking charges.

Prince Andrew has denied knowing anything about Epstein's crimes, or having sex with Ms Roberts.

Buckingham Palace has been contacted for comment.

Prince Andrew tells Newsnight's Emily Maitlis he first met Jeffrey Epstein in 1999 through Ghislaine Maxwell

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