A pregnant woman is warning others about using wax burners after she says hers 'exploded' causing a house fire and leaving her partner with his skin peeling off his arm.

Shannon Valerie's carpet and mirror reportedly 'melted' in the incident and her floor was left burnt, while her partner Sam's arm and hand was burnt when he tried to remove the flammable items from the home.

Her three-year-old son Jaxon was also left terrified after hearing his mother's screams.

Shannon, who is 39 weeks pregnant, claims she purchased the wax burner from B&M in November 2020 but has only recently started using it and is urging others to throw their burners away.

She said: "I was relaxing watching TV and heard a big smashing noise.

"I looked into the hallway and the wax melt burner had exploded and shattered into pieces.

Sam's injury to his hand

"I got up and went to get a towel to put the fire out, but by the time I'd got up and got the towel, the mirror above the shelf was on fire and the shelf was also on fire.

"I was absolutely terrified and screamed for Sam, and by this point the fire alarm was going off.

"Sam ran past me and grabbed the mirror and the shelf off of the wall and chucked it into the street.

"The fire caught onto the gloves he was wearing and because they were rubber and cotton it stuck to his skin.

"Out of shock, he was still trying to get rid of the fire as the wax burner was still on fire on the floor and behind the radiator.

"When he managed to sort that, he panicked and ripped the glove off of his hand and ran into the kitchen and put it under the tap.

"That's when we saw how much of a mess his hand was."

She said this is the damage caused by the wax burner

Sam was later treated in hospital for his burns, though Shannon has since been re-dressing them from home.

He is still in "severe pain" and may require further treatment.

Shannon spoke to a representative of B&M and was left "absolutely heartbroken".

She said: "They basically told me that it was my fault and they aren't going to do anything about it.

"I had a different wax melt burner on the same shelf for 12 months before and nothing like this has ever happened, so it's certainly the burner.

"I've had about 30 messages from other people saying the same thing happened to them with the exact same burner."

Shannon shared pictures of the incident and Sam's arm in a post on Facebook, writing: "Had a very big scare this morning, wax burner exploded and my house was up in flames.

"Luckily I was awake and the smoke alarms went off.

"Sam's arm is such a mess but overall glad we're safe.

"Carpet all melted, mirror melted, all my floorings burned but they're all replaceable.

"Please, please, please if you have this wax burner from B&M throw it out - it could have ended a lot worse for us."

The post was widely shared, reaching more than 51,000 people.

One person said: "I had the exact same one and it blew up and shattered across my living room - luckily it was a low wick candle so went out straight away."

"I had this exact wax burner and the same thing happened to me on Christmas eve, went up in flames," another person said.

Another person called the incident "mad".

However, one person defended the product and said it had been misused.

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"As awful as that looks and as awful as that situation is for them, that burner got far too hot," they wrote.

"Doesn't matter what was in it but you should never use anything bigger than a four-hour tea light.

"The extent of the burns suggests that burner was too hot, which it is not designed for."

A representative for B&M said: "Our customer services team dealt with this complaint and the customer confirmed that she bought the tea lights and wax from Home Bargains and she also can't remember whether it was B&M or Home Bargains that she purchased the burner from."

The product does not appear to be on the B&M website.