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Pregnant Kate Ferdinand shows her growing baby bump in gym gear as star admits she is suffering back pain

PREGNANT Kate Ferdinand showed off her growing baby bump in tight gym gear as the star admits she’s suffering with back pain during pregnancy. 

The former Towie celeb posted a candid photo of herself as she told her followers she wanted to share the reality of how she’s feeling at the moment. 

Kate, who is pregnant with her first child, posted a relaxed photo of herself to Instagram wearing black leggings and a vest. 

She captioned the snap: “Although in my last few posts I’ve been dress up…. today I felt I had to share my reality of being pregnant day to day. 

“I don’t feel comfy in anything but leggings and a vest right now, and by the end of the day even the leggings are swapped for PJ bottoms!!

“I’m always looking at other pregnant women online and thinking ‘god I don’t look like her’, and I really don’t want anyone to feel like looking at my posts. 

“Sometimes social media can really make the glamorous moments outweigh the norm. But this is me.”

Kate Ferdinand and husband Rio recently revealed they are having a baby boy.

The couple had a gender-reveal party at their plush home and shared pictures of the moment they learned the sex of their baby.

As blue confetti fluttered through the air, Rio and his children hugged excitedly.

Kate wrote: "It’s a boy, me and Tia are outnumbered."

While Rio posted: "It’s a BOY!!! The Boys ruling this house #love."

Many were delighted to see how happy children Tia, nine, Tate, 12, and Lorenz, 14, were to gain a brother.

Kate has been documenting her pregnancy journey on social media looking stunning in a range of outfits. 

However, the reality star went on in her post that she’s struggling at the moment. 

She continued in her post: “The truth is, I am hugely struggling with my lower back and groin! I’ve always had back problems but this is really taking its toll. I don’t like to moan too much on here but the reality is I’m struggling.

“Some days it’s manageable and others by the end of the day its a struggle to even stand up.Getting my head around losing the ability to move freely is difficult at times, especially with 3 kids and dogs flying around the house.”

One wrote: “It’s all worth it, you’re doing really well”

“I lived in leggings and black vests when pregnant too,” added another in sartorial solidarity. 

While a third penned: “Love this. Well done mumma for keeping it real xx”. 

Pregnant Kate Ferdinand shows off her big baby bump on luxury holiday with grinning husband Rio

Kate announced she was expecting her first baby with the former top footballer in July.

The couple, who tied the knot last year, shared the heartwarming moment they told his children the good news in a video online.

Since the announcement, Kate has been honest with fans about how the pregnancy was affecting her both physically and mentally.

She opened up about feeling "terrible guilt" because she's been too sick to look after her stepchildren.

Kate also admitted she felt like she was "losing my mind" navigating her first pregnancy.

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