A pothole-ridden Staffordshire street has been named the third-worst in the UK.

Only two streets in the whole of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland have been subject to more registered complaints about potholes than Derby Street in Stafford.

That is according to research from Formula One Autocentres, which has filed Freedom of Information requests to UK highways bosses.

The autocentre chain has calculated £351,862,448.95 of taxpayers' money was been spent on pothole repairs in the 12 months to April 2020.

There were 514,235 complaints about potholes in that time - and 130 were about Derby Street, in Stafford.

Only Essex Road, in Hertfordshire, and the A596, in Cumbria, were subject to more complaints - with the latter being the cause of 273.

Oxfordshire County Council spent more on repairing potholes than any other council, with taxpayers footing a £41 million bill. Staffordshire County Council was 17th on the list out of 53 councils, spending £3.5 million on repairs.

A spokesman from Formula One Autocentres said: "Potholes and uneven roads cause a huge amount of damage to vehicles, and can end up costing drivers a significant amount in repairs.

"It's great to see councils dedicating budget to ensuring roads are fixed, however I’m sure many would agree there is still plenty of work to be done.

"The best way to avoid the cost of repairs to your car on roads that are notorious for potholes is to always drive carefully, and avoid driving over them whenever possible."

It comes after JCB announced the development of its new Pothole Pro machine, which can repair a pothole in less than eight minutes.

That is four times quicker than standard methods and at half the cost of current solutions.