JUST six more sleeps until it is Christmas Day.

Depending on the type of parent you are you could have everything ready for the big day, or you may take a more ‘it’ll all come together in the fullness of time’ approach.

We have all fallen foul of the desire to buy everything our little ones want for Christmas, as of course they are the centre of our world their happiness is key to ours.

Before you make a last dash to the shops though, take a deep breath and consider if that desire to provide everything materialistic will bring true happiness and contentment this year. It has been reported recently that the average spend this year will be around £700.

It is so easy to get caught up in the frenzy of Christmas and to easily find yourself frazzled and feeling a failure by the time 26th December comes around.

As parents we take on so much at this time of the year and often feel a heavy burden both financially and emotionally.

This year try to put your needs up there with the rest of your family’s and give yourself a chance to take a break from it all.

Also getting the balance right and spending lots of quality time with your family this year is the key to happiness and contentment.

Take care of you and yours this year – wishing you a warm and loving family Christmas.

Next week: Now that the rush up to Christmas is over

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