Portugal is one of 13 European countries who will not recognise the Indian-made AstraZeneca vaccine given to millions of Brits as part of a quarantine waiver, it has been reported.

According to reports tourists heading to the country for a summer getaway will face two weeks in quarantine after the government failed to secure any change to the rules.

Up to five millions Brits were given the Indian dose made by the Serum Institute of India - known as Covishield.

Despite it being the same as other AstraZeneca doses, it has not been authorised by Europe's regulator and is therefore not recognised by the EU.

Last month 10 European countries said they will still accept those with the vaccine at their borders after anger and confusion mounted.

The news will be a blow for beach-loving Brits (


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Now, the Telegraph reports that with no rule change agreed more than a dozen European countries will block quarantine-free travel for those fully vaccinated with that dose.

Under its entry rules, Portugal requires anyone who is not double jabbed with a recognised vaccine to quarantine for two weeks.

Two other countries among the 13, Poland and Romania, also demand that Brit visitors quarantine if they have not received two doses of recognised jabs.

Denmark and Cyprus also require an approved vaccine, while some countries will offer visitors the alternative of a test or vaccination for entry.

The other countries said to be on the list include the Czech Republic, Estonia, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Slovakia, Norway and Liechtenstein.

Many countries have already recognised the Indian made vaccine, including France and Croatia (


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Many countries have already recognised the Indian made vaccine, including France and Croatia, and reports say the vaccine could be formally recognised by next month.

An EU spokesman said: "Several member states have not yet finalised their positions regarding the correspondence of vaccines for the purpose of travel.

"As soon as they will have done so, we will publish a list of corresponding vaccines on the ReopenEU website."

Last month the Department of Health had addressed fears would-be travellers who had received the Indian-manufactured doses of the jab would be negatively affected.

It insisted all AstraZeneca vaccines given in the UK were the same product and appeared on the NHS Covid Pass as Vaxzevria.

The department said at the time the European Medicines Agency had authorised the AstraZeneca jab and assured travel would not be affected.

The batch numbers for the Indian manufactured doses are: 4120Z001, 4120Z002 and 4120Z003.