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Portland police officer ‘deliberately slammed unmarked police van he was driving into an anti-cop protester’

A PORTLAND police officer has been accused of deliberately slamming an unmarked police van he was driving into an anti-cop protester.

Portland Police Bureau officer Scott Groshong, who is now retired, was indicted on Wednesday by a Multnomah County, according to The Oregonian.

Groshong - who retired in August after 27 years on the job - was indicted on misdemeanor charges for the mid-June incident in the protest-plagued city of Portland, Oregon.

The retired officer's indictment comes more than four months after the alleged misconduct occurred.

Groshong had been performing undercover surveillance of nightly protests with his partner on June 15 - when he allegedly struck a suspected looter with his vehicle.

A source with knowledge of the investigation told the new outlet Groshong is facing charges of official misconduct, third-degree assault and failure to perform the duties of a driver.

According to footage - taken by something who lived in the area and obtained by The Oregonian - shows the unmarked van hit an alleged thief as he was fleeing a robbery scene.

The vehicle appears to touch one of the alleged robbers - prompting him to fall down, but stand back up and run away.

The owner of the skate shop that was robbed told the news outlet that he thought the driver was "some vigilante bystander who was just frustrated with what’s going on in the city.”

"It was a pretty aggressive use of the automobile," Kevin Nimick added.

Before the alleged attack, Groshong and his coworker Portland police Sgt. Chris Kenagy had driven over to Nimick's skate shop, where they heard glass breaking, and saw three men, according to the report.

The president of the Portland Police Association, Daryl Turner, has slammed the accusations against Groshong as false.

Turner said in a statement: "Instead of the suspect facing consequences for looting, this veteran police officer finds himself the target of misplaced criminal charges.

“Incredibly, this suspect now claims the police knowingly hit him with the undercover surveillance van when the officer drove towards him to document his criminal acts.

"That claim is false, self-serving, and runs completely counter to the independent eyewitness who observed the suspect running away from the scene of his crime.”

The Portland Police Bureau's Acting Chief Chris Davis also spoke out about the allegations.

He said: "It is important that we refrain from passing judgment as the process continues. People are innocent until proven guilty in court.

"It is important to know our process of police accountability is working and is proceeding as it was intended."

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