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Porngate MP Neil Parrish says police had his gun "so that he wouldn't shoot himself"

Neil Parish reveals how police confiscated Shotgan and stopped shooting himself after being found watching pornography in the House of Commons I made it.

Mr. Parish, who talked about LBC's Swavik at the show on Sunday, shotgun for his own safety as police did not feel that he was in the "best place" after he left parliament. Said to have taken away "correctly".

Tiberton&Mr. Parish, who represented Honiton, was suspended by the Parliamentary Party during the investigation, a spokesman for the Tory leader at the time said. ..

Speculation rampant for several days after two conservative female MPs recalled the incident at a private meeting during a discussion ofsexual harassment. Was there.

The leader had previously refused to name him, but it soon became clear that the allegations were against another Tory.

At this morning's show, Parish said: Enough to scare someone, I'm not easily scared.

Mr. Parish continued after revealing that he had a murder threat and a constant camera outside the house. And when you go to Chief Whip and ask for help, you expect it. You are thrown to the side of the ship and then you are left drowning.

"That worked, but I saw Mark Spencer on the Telegraph podcast and talked about how compassionate they were. I need to keep a record of it, they Not so.

"In fact, Mark was much better than the current chief whip, Chris Heaton Harris, but this idea that they're all there takes care of us. It's nonsense to do.

"And the police took them away very kindly and correctly. I'm a farmer, so when I saw them holding shotguns, they took them away from me.

'When you blew up your parliamentary career for 12 years, you didn't feel like you were in the best place and they took them away for my own safety. I

'I told them at the moment of black humor, "I'm a very bad shot, you'll probably miss it," but they naturally make the joke at that time. I didn't see it. Very interesting. '

Looking back, Mr. Parish continued. But for the past 12 years, I've been split into fellow members and haven't spent any time.

'I asked to apologize if I caused a crime, I wasn't given that opportunity by Chief Whip, and I was thrown into a press wolf. '

After the resignation of Neil's parish, the Tories were hit hard last Thursday by losing the Tiberton&Honyton by-elections as well as the by-elections in Wakefield.

As the next general election approaches in 2024, further questions are raised about how long Prime Minister Boris Johnson will survive.

In response to the defeat, Mr. Parish said: He (Boris Johnson) is playing a very dangerous game right now. He really is. He has to face reality. Yes, I triggered a by-election, but I didn't lose the by-election.

"It's a safe seat. In peacetime, I would have reduced the majority and returned Helen Hurford very comfortably, but the problem is, of course, the Prime Minister's referendum, and he must take some responsibility. Must contact the news team by sending an email to

 [email protected].

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