Opposition politicians will try put pressure on Welsh Government over cancer services today.

Plaid Cymru, Conservative, and Lib Dem politicians are coming together to call on the Welsh Government to provide an update on the next steps for the quality statement for cancer including ambitious targets and mechanisms for tracking progress investment for staff, equipment and infrastructure, addressing the long-standing staff shortages within cancer and diagnostic services, and considering how the recommendations in Professor Sir Mike Richards' review of diagnostic services in England could be applied in Wales.

What is happening today?

There are meetings in the Senedd in Cardiff Bay between Monday and Thursday. On Tuesdays and Wednesdays there are meetings of the whole Senedd, known as plenary, which usually start at 1.30pm. Due to the pandemic a hybrid model is in place where up to 30 of the 60 MSs will meet in person but the rest via videolink.

Committees, where MSs take evidence about specific issues or grill ministers, take place every day.

Welsh MPs take part in proceedings in London during the week too. The House of Commons sits from Monday afternoon usually until Thursday.

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