Police are to inspect a woodland site where murderer Russell Causley could have burned his wife’s body decades ago.

He killed Carole Packman in 1985 but has never told his devastated family what he did with her.

But a witness recently said he saw Causley burning something in a rug in the New Forest.

The couple’s daughter Sam Gillingham, 51, and her son Neil, 30, had given up hope of finding out the truth.

Jay Fellows, now 49, said, after seeing pictures of Causley, he is “100% sure” he saw him as he cycled past the site as a teen.

Samantha Gillingham and her son Neil

He said the man gave him a stern look and said: “My dog died, I’m burning my dog.”

Jay led detectives to the spot in Ringwood, Hants, in 2017 but police said a dig was not justified.

Now, after a probe by the Mirror, Dorset Police have agreed to accompany Carole’s family there.

Russell Causley was released earlier this month

Neil said: “This is finally a positive step in the journey to find my grandmother.”

The family wants a police excavation.

Causley, 78, was freed this month.

Sam was 16 when Carole, 40, disappeared from home in Bournemouth.