Humberside Police have issued an update on an incident which saw a man drenched in milk in Queen Victoria Square on Friday afternoon.

An angry crowd had gathered around a street preacher in the square before one of them threw milk over the man, with witnesses reporting there were eggs also thrown at him as he projected his views.

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He had been shouting while stood on a bench in the city centre as a large crowd heckled him.

A group of young people had taken issue with what the man was saying, which was believed to have involved the LGBT community. A different member of the crowd had been waving a rainbow pride flag towards the man before the milk-throwing incident.

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Eggs and milk were thrown over a gentleman in the street
One angry onlooker threw milk over the man standing on a bench in Queen Victoria Square

Unhappy with his message, one witness said he saw some members of the small crowd head into a nearby shop to purchase milk and eggs in a bid to stop his preaching.

A witness recorded footage which showed a group giving the man "five seconds" to stop before they drenched him in milk.

Humberside Police were called and the witness said he saw three officers lead the man away from the scene to de-escalate the situation as the crowd cheered.

The witness said a police van was present which led him away.

A spokeswoman for the force said: "Officers were called to a disturbance at Queen Victoria Square in Hull on Friday July 30 at around 2.40pm.

"The incident has been resolved safely."

It is not believed any arrests have been made in relation to the incident.

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