An on-duty police officer had sex with a woman in his car after she was kicked out of a bar for being too drunk, a court has heard.

Sergeant Lee Cocking offered the woman a lift home after she was told to leave Skinny Dippers in Weston-Super-Mare on December 23, 2017.

Jurors heard how the woman, aged 30 at the time, told the married Avon and Somerset police officer to ‘man up’ and have sex with her.

Sgt Cocking, from Cheddar, Somerset, claims he did not willingly have sex with her and that she pulled down her jeans and knickers, unzipped his flies and started ‘straddling’ him in the driving seat.

The woman told the court she had ‘three pints of cider followed by a number of gin and tonics’ and was too drunk to remember everything that happened that night.

But she insists they definitely had sex in the policeman’s unmarked silver Vauxhall Astra and says she was left with a friction burn on her skin.

The court heard how the woman was spoken to by a female police officer before Sgt Cocking arrived at 3.10am in full uniform.

He managed to calm her down and then offered to take her home because he feared she was vulnerable in her drunken state.

The woman said: ‘I don’t recall getting into the police car, but I know that when Sgt Cocking offered to take me home, I believed him. I wouldn’t have asked him for sex, he is a police officer.’

Defending Sgt Cocking, Ray Tully QC suggested to the woman that as they arrived at Knightstone Island, Weston, she asked him to slow down and drop her off.

He continued: ‘You lowered your jeans to the top of your thighs. You were manipulating him to your own end.

‘You demanded to have sex with him as you already had your jeans down by your ankles?’

Denying this, the woman said: ‘Even though I was drunk, Sgt Cocking could have told me to get out of the car. ‘

She says she remembers kissing the officer, who didn’t ask her to stop, and says he told her to be quiet when the radio on his chest went off.

Mr Tully suggested she directed Sgt Cocking to a farm gate 200 metres up the road, but the woman said she only recalls stopping in the toll road.

The woman added: ‘All I can remember is that we were struggling in the car. He was in the driver’s seat and I sat on top of him with my back against the steering wheel.

‘My leg was beside the door and we got out to have sex. It was in complete darkness.

‘I recall being in the driver’s door opening, facing over the vehicle, with Sgt Cocking behind me. I think we had sex that way, but I cannot actually remember.

‘I am certain about what happened in the bits that I do remember. But I do recall him telling me not to tell anybody as he would lose his job.’

The woman said she was not certain if she gave her phone number to Sgt Cocking after being dropped home, but told the court he ‘must have got it from somewhere as he rang me’.

She recalled how she thought it was ‘strange’ that she woke up with her shoes missing and nothing on the lower part of her body.

The woman added: ‘I remember thinking I don’t actually recall having sex, but I know we did as my inside felt different.’

She said she didn’t call police immediately as she was embarrassed but that thinking about an on-duty officer having sex in the car made upset her.

The woman added: ‘I now wish I had never phoned the police. It has caused so much hassle. I felt for him as he did tell me not to say anything. Nothing bad happened to me, I wasn’t raped.

‘When the police knocked on my door I wasn’t really interested in being part of their investigation. I didn’t want my family to find out.

‘After a while I just wanted it to go away. All I wanted to do was tell the truth. I had never been this drunk before.’

Sgt Cocking has pleaded not guilty to misconduct in a judicial or public office and told jurors he felt that he had been the victim of a sexual assault himself. The trial continues.

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